What's In A Name?

Rickey Bevington tells the surprising stories behind how Atlanta places got their curious names.

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What's In A Name? | Jim Crow Road

Jul 18, 2018
Michael David Murphy

In the Georgia town of Flowery Branch about 45 miles northeast of Atlanta, there is a street called Jim Crow Road. GPB Atlanta listener Chris Livingston asked us on our website to find out how the street got its regrettable name.

What's In A Name? | Lithonia

Jul 17, 2018
City of Lithonia

GPB Atlanta listener Tommy Hester asked us about the origins of the name of Lithonia, Ga.

You might see the name of this DeKalb County city as you drive down I-20, but did you know it comes from Greek? In this edition of "What's In A Name," Rickey Bevington gives us a lesson in ancient Greek.


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What's In A Name? | Druid Hills

Jul 16, 2018

Druid Hills is one of Atlanta's best-known neighborhoods — and streets.

In this "What's In A Name," as requested by listeners Forest McMullen and Lisa Mount, we dive into the unexpected history of the northeast Atlanta neighborhood.

What's In A Name? | Ralph David Abernathy

Jul 12, 2018

He was a Baptist minister, a civil rights legend and the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.'s best friend. Ralph David Abernathy's name can also be found on streets across Atlanta. 

Here's more about the man and the places that honor him.

What's In A Name? | Snapfinger Road

Jul 10, 2018
Getty Images

Listener Jireh Rowdan told us he can picture Snapfinger Road's first residents jamming out with washboards and jugs, snapping their fingers to the beat. 

Today's "What's In A Name" reveals the real (and unfortunately less jolly) history behind the Decatur street's name.

The Human Footprint

Many Atlanta roads are named after local waterways — but where do those creeks and springs get their names?

In this episode of "What's In A Name," we explore three names listeners were curious about: Beaver Ruin Road, Ponce de Leon Avenue and Foe Killer Creek.

Atlanta Journal Constitution

Atlanta is legendary for its terrible traffic. One intersection is so infamous, hip-hop duo Outkast wrote an entire song about it. Let's take a look at the Tom Moreland Interchange, more commonly known as Spaghetti Junction.

Wikimedia Commons

You may be used to navigating through Atlanta's 15 streets named Peachtree, but another road's name has been confusing locals for years. As listener Jean Smith wonders, “Why is there a difference in the spelling of Clairemont Avenue and Clairmont Road?"

Google Images

While its name may (literally) be "Bland," its history is anything but. 

The idea for this episode of "What's In A Name" comes from our Georgia Public Broadcasting colleague Virginia Prescott, who asks about the Blandtown neighborhood of Atlanta, just west of Atlantic Station.

Atlanta Journal Constitution Archives

A catchy tune from 70s funk group The Spirit of Atlanta is the only remnant of this Atlanta community. 


In our first edition of "What's In A Name," we look at the lost Atlanta neighborhood of Buttermilk Bottom.


The Atlanta neighborhood of Buckhead was named after a dead deer. African-American families in the early 20th century picked "Just Us" to call their new neighborhood south of downtown. The developer of Wieuca Road named it after his three daughters: Wilma, Eugenia, Catherine - Wi-eu-ca (pronounced WHY-yoo-cuh).

All summer long here on All Things Considered we’re telling stories about some of Atlanta’s most interesting names.

We’re calling it “What’s In A Name?”