What's In A Name?

Rickey Bevington tells the surprising stories behind how Atlanta places got their curious names.

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What's In A Name? | Atlanta

Aug 29, 2018

The story of Atlanta begins at the end. 

Or rather at its terminus. 

What's In A Name? | Willeo Creek

Aug 28, 2018
Wikimedia commons

Today’s “What’s In A Name?” is about a small but important creek and was submitted by listener Mitch Payton.

Willeo Creek near Roswell forms a large portion of Fulton County's border with Cobb County.

What's In A Name? | College Park

Aug 27, 2018
Mary L. Martin Ltd.

In this "What's In A Name," we answer a question from a listener "Djam" who wrote on our website. 

Djam was curious about the origins of College Park's name.

What's In A Name? | Toco Hill(s)

Aug 24, 2018
Fast Copy News Service

Is it Toco Hills or Toco Hill? That question was submitted by listener Jim Morris about a community in Northeast Atlanta.  

What's In A Name? | Winder

Aug 22, 2018
A logo reading Winder, Georgia "City of Opportunity"
City of Winder

Winder, GA is a city with a long history

Until the 18th century, the Creek name for the Winder area was Snodon.

What's In A Name? | Virginia Highland

Aug 21, 2018
Wikimedia commons

This “What’s In A Name?” submission comes from listener Mike Burns.

Mike wanted to know about the origins of Virginia Highland, a neighborhood east of Midtown.

What's In A Name? | Wash Lively Circle

Aug 20, 2018

This “What’s In A Name” was submitted by Liz Hill and was answered with the help of Fred Mobley at the DeKalb History Center.

The name in question is Wash Lively Circle, a road located on the campus of Dekalb Medical Center in Deactur.

Many roads and bridges around Atlanta are named for former Georgia politicians. Listener John Flemming asked us why an I-75 bridge is named for Lester and Virginia Maddox. 

According to a 1999 Georgia senate resolution, the bridge where I-75 crosses the Chattahoochee is named for Georgia's 75th governor and his wife for several reasons.

What's In A Name? | Buckhead and Hog Liver Road

Aug 20, 2018
Wikimedia Commons

It's been called "The Beverly Hills of the East." But where did "Buckhead" come from? Listener Bob Bennett asked us to find out how comnunity got its name.

What's In A Name? | Joyland

Aug 16, 2018
Éditions Albin Michel

There are a lot of interesting names around Atlanta, but have you ever heard of a neighborhood called Joyland?

In this "What's In A Name," we explore the "amusing" history of the South Atlanta neighborhood.

What's In A Name? | Tanyard Creek

Aug 15, 2018
Wikimedia commons

GPB News Managing Editor Sara Shahriari asked us to find out the origins of Tanyard Creek in Buckhead.

The creek was originally called Tanyard Branch and its name is linked to Atlanta's industrial past.

What's In A Name? | Civil Rights in Atlanta Streets

Aug 14, 2018
Public Domain

Atlanta was at the heart of the American civil rights movement in 1950s to the 1960s. 

As such, many of Atlanta's streets are a reminder of some of the leaders who paved the way to racial equality in Georgia. 

What's In A Name? | Krog Street

Aug 14, 2018
Ayesha Abid / Georgia Public Broadcasting


Krog Street is a half-mile stretch of roadway that connects the Atlanta neighborhoods of Inman Park with Cabbagetown.

The story begins in the late 1800's with the founding of Atlanta as the last stop of the Western & Atlantic Railroad.

What's In A Name? | Webb Gin House Road

Aug 13, 2018
Google Maps

Webb Gin House Road is located off the end of Ronald Reagan Parkway in Snellville, Ga. 

What's In A Name? | Pittsburgh

Aug 13, 2018
Library of Congress

Places in Atlanta are often related to other places around Atlanta, but today we look at a neighborhood with a northern namesake. 

We're telling the story behind a southern suburb called Pittsburgh. 

What's In A Name? | Tight Squeeze

Aug 9, 2018
Earl McGehee / https://www.flickr.com/photos/ejmc/with/3605494738/

Atlanta once had a neighborhood called Tight Squeeze. My colleague, Don Smith, suggested we check out this part of town that he remembers as the hangout spot for hippies in the 1970s.



What's In A Name? | Jot Em Down

Aug 8, 2018

 We’re all familiar with the concept of jotting down a grocery list.  But what about Jot Em Down Road?

What's In A Name? | Flat Shoals Road

Aug 7, 2018
Wikimedia Commons

This "What's In A Name" comes to us from listener Forest McMullin, who also asked us about Druid Hills.

McMullin was curious about a street in East Atlanta called Flat Shoals Road.

Atlanta Trails

Many Atlanta roads are named after ferries and bridges, so at the request of listeners "40Watt" and Bill Witherspoon, we took a peek at the watery origins of these Atlanta roadways.

What's In A Name? | Eagles Landing

Aug 3, 2018

Listener Wesley Prude commented on our website that he’d like to know about the Eagles Landing community. Prude said he’s lived in the area for 15 years and has never seen an eagle.

Eagles Landing is located in Stockbridge, Ga. south of Atlanta. 

Unfortunately, we are unable to why the area was named after the bird, but,we did find information on eagles in Georgia.

What's In A Name? | Dog River

Aug 2, 2018
Kim Raulerson

Dog River Blues is the title of a popular song by two-time grammy winning artist Alan Jackson.

What's In A Name? | Cabbagetown

Aug 1, 2018
Lee Coursey

One of the Atlanta's most curious communities is called Cabbagetown.

In this "What's In A Name," GPB's Rickey Bevington shares the humble origins of one of Atlanta's trendiest neighborhoods.

What's In A Name? | Panthersville

Jul 31, 2018
Big Cat Rescue

Atlantans have been wondering about the place names around them for decades. Just look at this early 20th century letter, in which a DeKalb County Commissioner asks where the Panthersville community got its name.

What's In A Name? | Butts County and Between

Jul 30, 2018
The Sun

Even if you live inside Atlanta city limits, you've probably heard some of the most unusual names outside of the metro area. Butts County is one such name that listeners like B.T. have been curious about for years.

What's In A Name? | Bankhead

Jul 26, 2018

Bankhead is one of the most recognizable names among Atlanta neighborhoods. It's been cemented in the rap canon of the city by the likes of Outkast, Shawty Lo and T.I.

In this "What's In A Name," we investigate the highway that gave the neighborhood its name.

What's In A Name? | Paul McCartney Boulevard

Jul 25, 2018
Access Atlanta

As you drive into the Infinite Energy Center in Duluth, you might find yourself on a road called Paul McCartney Boulevard. And yes, it's that Paul McCartney.

What's In A Name? | Box Ankle

Jul 25, 2018
Town Maps USA

There's a town south of Atlanta called Box Ankle, Georgia. But how did it get its name?

At the request of listener Ginger Applegarth, we looked into the story behind Box Ankle. 

What's In A Name | Five Forks Trickum Road

Jul 24, 2018
Stock Photo

Five Forks Trickum Road is one of Atlanta's most interesting names. At the request of listeners Shannon Dupont and Sam Burnham, we unpack the road's curious origins. 


If you live in or around Atlanta, you probably know how many places are named after peaches. In fact, within city limits there are 15 separate streets called Peachtree.

This installment of "What's In A Name?" answers a question from Sarah, the 8-year-old daughter of GPB's Chief Technology Officer, Adam Woodlief. She asks why everything in Georgia is called "peach."


Atlanta's Castleberry Hill neighborhood is so hot, rapper 2 Chainz opened a restaurant there. 

You may know the neighborhood west of downtown for its funky creatives and hipster lunch spots, but in the 1800s, it was a red-light district and home to Atlanta’s Snake Nation.