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The network of rail lines and canals that gave Waycross its name now act as dividing lines for the community.

For a century, the canals carried runoff from the rail yard and other local industries. Generations of kids roamed along the banks and swam in the southeast Georgia heat. In 2015, four area children were diagnosed with rare cancers within the span of two months.

Two weeks. That’s all we have to go until Election Day. All eyes are focused on the battle for the presidency, but you need to look further down the ballot to find the races that most affect you.   Bill Nigut, host of GPB’s “Political Rewind” and “Two Way Street,” stops by to talk about down-ballot races and what to expect in Georgia on November 8th.

Michael Rivera / Wikimedia Commons

Within the span of two months in 2015, four children living in or near Waycross, GA were diagnosed with similar types of very rare and aggressive cancers. Three of the four have the very same cancer, and one little girl had a kind that’s even more rare. She recently lost her battle with the disease.

Their families and the community are still struggling to find out why and what, if anything, is being done to make sure other people don’t get sick.

Michael Rivera / Wikimedia Commons

Something horrible is happening in Waycross, Georgia. Four area children were diagnosed with rare forms of cancer last year.