unemployment rates

Kenny Murry

The unemployment rate for metro Atlanta dropped to 2.9% in the month of September, according to a report published last week by the Georgia Department of Labor.

The rate is a decrease from 3.5% in August and the lowest the metropolitan area has seen since September 2000, when President Bill Clinton held office.


State Labor Commissioner Mark Butler says Georgia broke records again in August, posting all-time highs in jobs and employment. 


The state also added to its labor force for the first time in six months and saw new unemployment claims fall. 


Currently, Georgia's workforce sits at 5.1 million people. The total number of unemployment claims filed in August fell by 32% compared to July.


The U.S. economy is being celebrated as healthy, with many people working.


State economists say Georgia continues to show consistent year-over-year revenue growth, an indicator of a good economy.


And according to the Georgia Department of Labor, 2,600 jobs were created in May with unemployment hovering around 3.9%.   


But things aren’t as positive for black workers. 

Organizers and city leaders are still puzzling out why a job fair at the Anderson Conference Center in Macon recently saw an unexpectedly large turnout.

More than 3,500 job hunters stood in a line a mile long, and some continued to wait hours after the fair technically closed.  This all happened amidst reports of low unemployment rates for the county and state.