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Tyler Perry is looking to reopen his 330-acre Atlanta-based mega studio soon, but other studios in Georgia are anxiously waiting for Hollywood's green light to return back to work.

Perry plans on restarting production at the Tyler Perry Studios complex in July, making it one of the first studios to domestically reopen after production was halted a few months ago to combat the spread of the coronavirus. 

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Tyler Perry Studios is set to reopen in a limited capacity. A studio spokesperson says the changes will include temporary housing on-site for production crews and staff.

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Tyler Perry has been making his rounds on good deeds in Atlanta. First, he gave one of his favorite Atlanta restaurants a $21,000 tip.

Last week, he paid seniors’ grocery bills at more than 40 Krogers in the Atlanta area.

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Atlanta resident Tyler Perry not only supported one of his favorite restaurants by ordering take-out food Sunday, but he also dropped a $21,000 tip.


Perry's publicist confirms the entertainment giant (actor, director, studio owner/executive) left a tip while picking up his order at Houston's in the Paces Ferry Plaza located in Buckhead.

An aerial view of Areu Bros. Studios in Atlanta.


Brothers Ozzie and Will Areu spent a decade in supporting roles at the Atlanta-based Tyler Perry Studios. During their time there, they helped produce box office blockbusters such as Acrimony, Boo! A Madea Halloween and A Madea Family Funeral.


Last year, Ozzie decided it was time for the Areus to open their own facility in Atlanta as Perry moved operations to Fort McPherson. Their production studio, aptly named Areu Bros. Studios, makes the Areus the first Cuban Americans, really the first Latinxs at all, to own and operate a film and TV studio in the United States.

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Film producer and Atlanta resident Tyler Perry recently celebrated the opening of his new studios with a black-tie event Saturday evening. The new facility is located on the grounds of the historic former Fort McPherson Army base.

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Tyler Perry said he cannot "just up and leave" filming in Georgia despite Hollywood's backlash against the state's "heartbeat" abortion law.

Tyler Perry Joins New BET Video Streaming Service

Jun 27, 2019
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Tyler Perry Studios is partnering with Viacom and BET to launch a new streaming service.

BET+ will feature on-demand video streaming for subscribers, as well as new projects from Perry.

"The Credits"

Atlanta is nicknamed the "Hollywood of the South." Kalena Boller is an Atlanta-based location manager on major film and television projects. She decided to launch "The Credits" podcast, now on GPB, to tell the stories of the hardworking people who are are behind the cameras.

Atlanta-based director and actor Tyler Perry is prolific in stage, television and big-screen projects.

Many are produced at Tyler Perry Studios at Atlanta's former Fort MacPherson.

I sat down with Perry to discuss his latest film "Boo! A Madea Halloween."

Rickey Bevington: Tyler Perry, thank you for joining me.

Tyler Perry: Thank you for having me here Rickey. I appreciate it very much. This is very NPR (laughs).