Tybee Island

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Tybee Island was quiet Tuesday, four days into a standoff with Gov. Brian Kemp over the reopening of beaches. But local leaders were worried about what the holiday weekend will bring.


In an email to the Associated Press Tuesday, Kemp spokeswoman Candice Broce said the governor is “considering new options to help those communities” that have complained about the executive order that went into effect Friday.


Gov. Brian Kemp on Twitter

Coastal leaders are pushing back after the governor ordered Georgia beaches reopened Friday night.

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The evacuation order for Georgia’s coast has been lifted. Evacuees can now return home. The state largely escaped damage from the storm.

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As Hurricane Dorian moves toward Georgia, the storm's worst impacts are expected on the state's barrier islands, where storm surge flooding is likely. Forecasters expect serious issues to begin on Tybee Island with the 1 p.m. high tide Wednesday.

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The mayor of Tybee Island and the Army Corps of Engineers signed an agreement Thursday to pump more sand onto the Tybee beach.


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Though Independence Day falls on a Thursday this time around, most of us will probably be taking advantage of the "long weekend." Mia Mance of G100 and Rachael Flora of Connect Savannah have several Savannah events to fill your schedule. 

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It's sea turtle nesting season, when turtles crawl up on Georgia beaches at night to lay their eggs. Every morning, volunteers walk the beach to look for new nests and block them off so people don't disturb them.

GPB's Emily Jones tagged along for a nest survey on Tybee Island and produced this audio postcard.

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The latest forecasts show Hurricane Florence making landfall in the Carolinas, but the storm’s already causing dangerous conditions on Georgia’s beaches.

Tybee Sea Turtle Project

Four seemingly unconnected homicides in three days have punctuated a seven-month stretch when Savannah's murder rate was down. Connect Savannah editor Jim Morekis joined us to discuss that story and this week's kidnapping and recovery of six rare loggerhead turtle hatchlings. 

Savannah Music Festival

On Fridays we often sit down with Savannah Morning News executive editor, Susan Catron, to discuss the biggest stories from the week.  This week Savannah's National Landmark status is on the minds of many, even as the renovated Kehoe Ironworks Building and new Trustees Garden Amphitheater prepares for its first big event. We talked about preservation in Savannah, but first we discussed last Friday's wreck on U.S. 80 which stopped traffic for more than four hours. It has renewed concerns about the only road on and off of Tybee Island. 

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On Monday, September 11, Tybee Island experienced storm surge flooding from Hurricane Irma. This excess water along with an astronomical high tide flooded parts of the island. We spoke with Mayor Jason Buelterman just after the only bridge connecting Tybee to the mainland opened the following afternoon.

GPB: Describe what you’re seeing on the island.

Irma Kills 3 In South Carolina And 2 In Georgia

Sep 12, 2017
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The remnants of Hurricane Irma forced Atlanta's international airport - the world's busiest passenger airport - to cancel nearly 200 flights early Tuesday. The storm also claimed three lives in South Carolina and two in Georgia.

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Dikembe Mutombo is one of the most recognizable players in Atlanta Hawks history. Now retired, the seven-foot-two-inch center spent five seasons in Atlanta, and was a defensive powerhouse in the NBA for 18 seasons.

Tybee Bar Church

Tybee Island reverend Michael Elliott’s congregation doesn’t gather in pews on Sunday mornings. Instead, they listen to his sermons from bar stools most any night of the week. Elliott says his decision to minister in a bar rather than a traditional house of worship gives more people the opportunity to practice their faith and gives him the chance to reach more people. 


Elliot and one of his congregants, David Cahill, join host Celeste Headlee to talk about finding faith in unusual spaces. 

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A Filipino cargo ship crew has been stranded off Tybee Island since April. The vessel's owners stopped paying their bills, so the U.S. marshals seized the ship.

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UPDATE 6/24/26: The Tybee City Council approved the adjustments to the permitting process for future productions that wish to film on the island. Existing regulations will be overhauled to more thoroughly address the concerns of citizens and local businesses.