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It takes about a decade to grow a productive pecan tree and a matter of minutes to take one down. A University of Georgia specialist estimates Hurricane Michael's 100 mph winds left 75 percent of pecan crops unharvestable in several south Georgia counties. UGA also estimates a total of $2 billion in losses to the state's agriculture industry.

Five months after the storm, many farmers are still picking up the pieces. "On Second Thought" has been following up with growers ever since the storm. Randy Hudson's family has run Hudson Pecan Company in Irwin County for more than 150 years. Rob Cohen owns Pecan Ridge Plantation in Decatur County. He's been in the family business for several decades. Cohen and Hudson gave updates on their crops as a new season begins.

Cindy Hill

Savannah is the greenest city in Georgia this weekend as thousands celebrate St. Patrick’s Day. The state’s first capitol city is going green in another way.

GPB’s Cindy Hill takes us inside the Urban Tree Nursery Project that’s training apprentice arborists to grow and care for the city’s famous tree canopy.

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Daylight saving time is behind us, and spring is just around the corner. To celebrate, "On Second Thought" is reflecting on a Southern icon: The Quercus virginiana is Georgia's official tree. It's better known as the live oak tree and has held the title since 1937. 

These majestic, ancient trees are symbols of the South in postcards, films and online travel sites. Greg Levine from Trees Atlanta stopped by the show to explain the history and nature of live oak trees.