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Anthony Bourdain was highly regarded as a chef, author, TV show host and world traveler who, for many, epitomized the essence of cool. He was seen as a stylish and sophisticated character with good taste and a subversive edge.

It has been about a year and a half since the famed food connoisseur died by suicide. His death was unexpected by many — from family and friends to his vast and devoted fanbase — and revealed a stark contrast to what many people perceived as the enviable lifestyle he led.

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The Georgia State Patrol and Motor Carrier Compliance Division expect a record number of travelers hitting the roadways for the Fourth of July holiday.

This year, the holiday travel period is 102 hours long, beginning at 6 p.m. Wednesday and ending at 11:59 p.m. Sunday, according to the GSP. Last year, the holiday period was only 30 hours long.

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The Academy announced the 2019 Oscar nominations Tuesday, and "Green Book" picked up a few nominations. The film was nominated for best picture, best lead actor and best supporting actor for Mahershala Ali. Ali plays black pianist Don Shirley, who toured through the Jim Crow-era South with white nightclub bouncer and driver Frank Vallelonga.

While Shirley's family has denounced the film as inaccurate, "The Negro Motorist Green Book" was a real series of travel guides for black motorists between the 1930s and 1960s. Columnist Cynthia Tucker explored how black travelers relied on the book for a recent article for the Bitter Southerner. She joined "On Second Thought" to discuss the realities of the open road during Jim Crow.

Joe Jackson

When Joe Jackson started working for Delta Airlines in 1968, he didn't realize he would become the first black flight dispatcher in Atlanta. Jackson's Delta career started in Miami where he entered the field as a ramp agent.

What makes a city special? Is it the towering architecture near your workplace? Is it the street corner where you catch the bus? How do you categorize the spaces and places that remind you of community both past and present?


We spoke with journalists from The Guardian, a UK-based newspaper, about their project Guardian Atlanta Week. They spent a week in the city exploring the special qualities that define place.


As the Trump administration considers steps to implement what the president has called extreme vetting of foreigners at the border, one aspect of security screening has already been amped up.

The number of people who have been asked to hand over their cellphones and passwords by Customs and Border Protection agents has increased nearly threefold in recent years. This is happening to American citizens as well as foreign visitors.

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Southwest Georgia’s phantasmagorical homestead known as Pasaquan opens to the public Saturday after a two-year, multi-million dollar restoration.

The seven acre site is the life’s work of eccentric artist Eddie Owens Martin.

Pasaquan is hard to describe. You pull off a flat, tree-lined road down a gravel driveway and the first thing you see is a tall pagoda and long, high wall covered with brightly colored designs.

“Dope,” is the first reaction from University of Georgia art graduate student Katherine Miller.

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Some travelers headed through the south security checkpoint at Atlanta’s Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport will now get to use a new automated screening system that’s the first of its kind in the country.

The Transportation Security Administration launched the new system Tuesday and will re-open the entire checkpoint Wednesday.

Big Changes Coming For Hartsfield-Jackson Airport

May 23, 2016
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Atlanta Mayor Kasim Reed said big changes are in store for Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport with the ouster of general manager Miguel Southwell.

Though Reed did not give specifics as to why he fired Southwell last Friday, he did give a picture of the impacts the change would have.