“Utility conductor” isn’t his real title, but it might as well be. Officially, Stephen Mulligan is assistant conductor of the Atlanta Symphony Orchestra and music director of the Atlanta Symphony Youth Orchestra. That means he conducts educational and other community performances, leads the ASYO, studies all the ASO’s main concert repertoire, attends all rehearsals, and stands ready to jump onstage at a moment’s notice if a scheduled conductor falls ill.

Why do young people do stupid things? From the “condom snorting challenge” to the “tide pod challenge,” we looked at some of the dangerous trends popular among teenagers.

A group of neo-Nazis is planning a rally later this month in Newnan, Georgia. Some people in Newnan worry this rally could get violent, and there's a Change.org petition to urge the city not to allow the rally. Is it possible to reform extremists? GPB Special Correspondent Celeste Headlee spoke with two people who left their life of hate behind them.

Ramping Up The Fight Against Teen Pregnancy

Aug 24, 2016

A small, white bungalow off a main road in Macon represents a more aggressive response by Macon-Bibb County health officials to teen pregnancy.

“This is the lab,” said Bibb County Health Administrator Nancy White, as she tours her department’s new teen health center. “We will do pregnancy testing and STD testing here.”

They’ll not only administer tests but county health officials will provide free birth control to teenagers. Georgia law allows minors 12 years of age and older to access birth control without parental consent.