The Vienna Boys' Choir, founded more than 500 years ago, is one of the best known choirs in the world. Sopranos and altos between the ages of 9-14 comprise the group, which is also notable for embracing singers who are going through puberty. Many adolescent boys quit singing amid vocal change. 

Now, the Vienna Boys' Choir has organized a team of researchers to equip choral teachers with the information and skills they need to keep adolescent boys involved in singing. Georgia State University music professor Patrick Freer is part of that team. He joined On Second Thought to share his findings. 

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They braved the 93-degree heat. They stood in line, four by four, for hours. In Piedmont Park today, hundreds of young singers showed up for one shot at glory by auditioning for the new season of “American Idol.”

The famous singing competition show aired its final episode on the Fox network on April 7, 2017. But a revival is in the works for an unspecified air date next year on ABC, with at least one celebrity judge already confirmed -- Katy Perry.

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The simplest way to describe Sequoyah Murray’s music is to say he sings.

“He sings” only starts to scratch the surface of what Atlanta native Murray does with his voice over the top of the jazz inflected grooves in his music.

Murray purposely swings his voice through its whole range from falsettos to a baritone rumble.