seismic testing

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While the Trump administration has put a plan to expand offshore drilling on hold, seismic testing could still happen off the Georgia coast.

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UPDATE April 3: Since this story aired, Rep. Buddy Carter has asked that Georgia be excluded from offshore energy plans, citing the opposition of state and local leaders.


The Trump administration is considering opening waters off part of the Atlantic coast, including Georgia, to offshore oil and gas drilling. Any drilling is a ways off. But the search for oil could start this month. Many worry that simply looking for oil could devastate the Georgia coast.


Environmental groups are seeking a court order to block seismic testing for oil off the coast of Georgia and other states until a lawsuit can be heard.

Seismic testing uses loud blasts of sound to check for deposits of oil underwater and can put animals like whales and dolphins at risk.

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Nine environmental groups are suing the federal government to block seismic air gun testing for oil off the Southeast US coast.


The testing uses blasts of sound to test for oil deposits and is a precursor to offshore drilling. Conservationists say it would harm marine life, including critically endangered right whales.