Savannah Voice Festival

Rock Music, Comedy, More Coastal Events August 9-11

Aug 8, 2019
Bay Street Theatre

This weekend in Savannah, there's lots to do from buying beer for a good cause to enjoying a cup of coffee with some comedy. Tanya Milton of the Savannah Tribune has your guide. 

Savannah Voice Festival

Barbecues, festivals, music and more — these are the hallmarks of summer we all savor but are, bittersweetly, coming to an end.

This weekend, Savannah is ringing in August with a bang, from offering jazzy brunches on the waterfront to equipping kids with school supplies. Marianne Ganem Poppell of Savannah Master Calendar and Claire Sandow of the Tourism Leadership Council have your guide. 

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George Konstantinidis

Savannah is known as one of America's most haunted cities. So it fits that the Savannah Voice Festival would commission an opera about ghosts. "Alice Ryley" is about the first woman hanged in Georgia. The ghost opera will return to the Savannah Voice Festival stage Tuesday at 5:30 p.m. at the Westin Savannah Harbor Ballroom.