Courtesy of Daryn Kagan

Wild fires spreading across California, vaping deaths, punches and counterpunches in the impeachment inquiry — the problems of the world can feel inescapable with each ping of a news alert.

Daryn Kagan knows that all too well. As a local reporter and later anchor for CNN, she's covered the good, the bad, and the ugly. 

Nydia Tisdale

Nydia Tisdale is a citizen journalist who covers local political affairs across the state of Georgia. She’s logged hundreds of hours of video during her time as a reporter and has provided an inside look for civic-minded citizens. However, Tisdale’s activity hasn’t always been received with open arms. She’s currently embroiled in a lawsuit with Dawson County after she was forcefully ejected from a GOP rally when she refused to stop recording the event.

We hear from Tisdale about why she thinks citizen journalism plays a vital role in our media landscape.