John Paul Filo / CBS Broadcasting Inc

Mo Rocca follows the world of the living as correspondent for CBS Sunday Morning, panelist for Wait, Wait Don't Tell Me, and host of The Henry Ford's Innovation Nation.

His other beat is the departed. He is host of the Mobituaries podcast, now in its second season. In it, Rocca tells stories of people and things that have passed through this earthly plain with too little notice, and uncovers little known facets of iconic figures who did get a lot of ink.

Joy Harden / Therapy for Black Girls

African Americans are 10% more likely to report experiencing serious mental health problems than their white counterparts, according to the Health and Human Services Office of Minority Health. Even when people have the resources to access professional help, they might not find psychologists who look like them or share their experiences.

The podcast Therapy for Black Girls promotes mental and emotional wellness for African American women. It offers resources on topics like anxiety, body image and perfectionism. Joy Harden, an Atlanta-based psychologist, hosts the podcast. She joined On Second Thought to discuss her work and the podcast's evolution since 2017.


WNYC Studios / WNYC Studios

Kay Powell is not easily spooked. The veteran reporter and longtime obituaries editor of The Atlanta Journal-Constitution is known as "the doyenne of the death beat." She recently shared on an episode of WNYC's podcast, "Ten Things That Scare Me," that it's not the great beyond she fears, but the great decline.


The podcast invites listeners to expose their 3 a.m. ruminations with the rest of the world, which producer Daniel Guillemette said builds people's collective sense of empathy. He and Powell joined "On Second Thought" to discuss the rational and irrational fears people share on the show.


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The holiday season is here, and with it, long roadtrips, layovers and delays. Our job here at "On Second Thought" is 94 percent listening, so to bide your time we're bringing you some of the things we've enjoyed hearing over the past year.

Producers La'Raven Taylor, Leighton Rowell and Elena Rivera join host Virginia Prescott and senior producer Amy Kiley in the studio to share their favorite podcasts and music of 2018. 

Today on the show, we heard from Shannon Browning-Mullis, curator of history and decorative arts for Telfair Museums. Browning-Mullis said Telfair Museums' Owens-Thomas House and Slave Quarters plans to reveal the newly-refurbished slave quarters at the Regency-era mansion to the public on Saturday, Nov. 17.