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Julia Bainbridge's podcast, "The Lonely Hour," aims to normalize loneliness as a part of everyday life. Her podcast tells the stories of people all over the country, including Bainbridge herself, who grapple with loneliness and isolation. People discuss loneliness in the context of motherhood, traveling alone, being the only person of color in an office and living as a hermit.

Bainbridge spoke with "On Second Thought" about her inspiration for the podcast and the lessons she's learned from carving out a space for connection in an increasingly busy world.

We're getting close to the high school football championships time, then College Bowl games and finally Super Bowl LIII right here in Atlanta. Whether you follow the game or the traditions that surround it, Jon Nelson has the play-by-play.

He joined "On Second Thought" to discuss upcoming games and his podcast, "Football Fridays in Georgia."

"On Second Thought" took a break from election coverage to hear from creatives all over Georgia about their work and what inspires them. We spoke with documentary filmmakers about "The Wanderer," a new GPB documentary about the penultimate slave ship to land in the U.S.. We also heard from Kalena Boller, whose GPB podcast, "The Credits," debuts today. 

We spoke to a group of people who make the creative economy possible. Susanna Spiccia from Re:Imagine ATL, Mitch Martin from BMI and Jason Hoch from How Stuff Works all joined the conversation.   


"The Credits"

Atlanta is nicknamed the "Hollywood of the South." Kalena Boller is an Atlanta-based location manager on major film and television projects. She decided to launch "The Credits" podcast, now on GPB, to tell the stories of the hardworking people who are are behind the cameras.

Sean Powers / Georgia Public Broadcasting

Have you ever watched a movie and wondered how it all comes together?

On my GPB podcast, "The Credits," we'll find out.

Georgia Innocence Project

In 2001, a jury in Georgia convicted 20-year-old Joey Watkins to life in prison for a number of charges, including murder. His case caught the eye of the Georgia Innocence Project, which contacted the hosts of the “Undisclosed” podcast. The show looks at criminal convictions where there’s room for doubt and Watkins’ case was perfect for coverage.