Kate T. Parker

Atlanta-based photographer Kate T. Parker's book, Strong Is the New Pretty, showcased girlhood in all its messy, muddy glory. The book featured portraits of girls and young women whose beauty came from being their authentic selves.

Now she's doing the same thing with boys. Her new book, The Heart of a Boy, is out April 2. Parker joined On Second Thought to discuss the messages of empowerment that run through her books.

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Celebrated the month after Mother's Day, Father's Day can sometimes seem like an afterthought — or perhaps even a dad joke, if you will. But according to the Pew Research Center, dads are just as likely as moms to see parenting as central to their identity. So how do we change the way some people see fathers as playing second fiddle to mothers, or the vice presidents of the family? We asked three dads and On Second Thought regulars: Tony Harris, Adam Ragusea and Hector Fernandez


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Father's Day is this Sunday, so we handed the mic over to a dad whom we at On Second Thought know well: "Breakroom" regular Christian Zsilavetz. Zsilavetz, a queer-identified transman who co-founded Pride School Atlanta, has two daughters: Zoe and Emmalee. He and Zoe, who is exactly nine and a half years old, stopped by the studio to record a special father-daughter interview.


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The United Methodist Children’s Home reports there are more than 15,000 children in Georgia's foster care system — and that number is growing. But because of the increased need, UMCH has to say turn away children in need at least 40 times a week, so it reached out to churches for help.