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From cookbooks to constitutional rights, On Second Thought is proud to present another five stories from our archive to motivate you this Monday.

1) Historian Jill Lepore Explores 'These Truths' Of United States History

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The South claims and contains a multitude of impressive art, music and culture. From Pultizer Prize-winning poetry to dreamy indie-pop music, this week’s five from the On Second Thought archives can help get you through another unorthodox workweek.

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From pit bulls to political humor and feminist literature to Folsom State Prison, we’ve got five more stories from the On Second Thought archive to help you weather another Monday. 

1) One Man's Mission To Protect 'The Dog America Loves To Hate'

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On this week’s return to our archives, On Second Thought is presenting some of our favorite arts and media stories. From movies to “Mobituaries,” motivate your Monday with some memorable pieces from yesteryear.

1) First, She Got Oprah's Attention. Now, She's On Netflix. What Will Kyanna Simone Simpson Do Next?

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These five oldies but goodies from the On Second Thought archive cover topics from rocket science to recipe books. Check out these stories to start your week out with some good news.


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5 OST Stories To Listen To This Week

Apr 13, 2020
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From chefs to authors to bird-watchers, the On Second Thought team pulled together another five favorite conversations from our archives to start your week right. 


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While COVID-19 continues to dominate the news cycle, we thought our listeners would enjoy a break from coronavirus headlines.

Here’s the weekly roundup of some of our favorite segments that have nothing to do with the pandemic. As always, tell us what you think, and be sure to share your favorites! You can tag us on Twitter at @OSTTalk and join and comment in our Facebook group: “GPB Radio’s On Second Thought.”

Last week, the On Second Thought team pulled together a list of some of our favorite interviews from our archives.

And as COVID-19 headlines continue to top the news, we wanted to share another list of thoughtful, non-coronavirus conversations to take your mind off any fears and anxieties regarding the pandemic. Until the virus’ spread slows down, we’ll be dropping a list like this one at the start of every week.

COVID-19 headlines have dominated the news nationally, on GPB and conversations within On Second Thought. But, there’s a lot more that our show has to offer within its archives that may provide a break from the coronavirus outbreak.