Opera singers Sherrill Milnes and Maria Zouves are married. Together they co-founded the Savannah VOICE Festival and as a couple have worked to expand and enliven Savannah’s opera scene. We asked them to contribute two songs to our growing Georgia Playlist. 

On Second Thought For Thursday, March 22, 2018

Mar 22, 2018

Opioid addiction is a major problem in Georgia. Several years ago, Governor Nathan Deal signed the "Good Samaritan" bill. The bill was created to prevent opioid overdose deaths by giving amnesty to anyone who reports drug-related emergencies. The measure also equips law enforcement and first responders with Naloxone, a drug that can reverse overdoses if given right away.

Tim Wilkerson

Mozart’s Magic Flute is a great first opera for children. In additional to magical instruments, it’s got a prince on a rescue mission, a funny but lonely birdcatcher, a high-strung Queen of the Night, wild animals and trials by water and fire.

Some were sentenced to prison. Some to jail. Others to home confinement. But many of the eleven Atlanta Public Schools educators who were convicted of racketeering in a cheating scandal last year can now return to the classroom. We learn more from Atlanta Journal-Constitution reporter Molly Bloom. Plus, the Atlanta Public Schools cheating trial was the longest in the state’s history. The appeals process is set to begin later this year. But before that can happen, transcripts of months of testimony need to be completed. That task falls to court reporter Evelyn Parker.

Yellowface On Stage

May 19, 2016
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"The Mikado" is a 1885 comic operetta by Gilbert and Sullivan. The story takes place in Japan. It's a setting the authors used as a way to mask its criticism of British politics. Casting of this production has long been controversial. Many directors have made the choice not to cast Asian actors. They hire white singers and put them in yellow face instead. "The Mikado" comes to Atlanta this weekend in a production by The Capitol City Opera