Surrounded by mountains and the sea, Russia’s Kamchatka Peninsula is extremely isolated; there aren’t even roads or rail lines to the area. In Julia Phillips’ new novel, it’s the site where two young Russian sisters vanish one afternoon after walking along the seashore.

Disappearing Earth is not a mystery or true crime novel. There’s no detective discovering long-held secrets among the townsfolk, no red herrings nor a final reveal. Instead, the novel explores a series of stories about women and girls affected by – and connected to – the panic surrounding the loss.

Wes Browning

Mining below the surface of ordinary lives has made Joshilyn Jackson a multiple New York Times best-selling novelist.

Her newest book, Never Have I Ever, ratchets things up to thriller level when a new neighbor knocks at Amy’s door. The sultry and charming stranger, Roux, hijacks the agenda at book club, and soon moves onto Amy’s life with a blackmail scheme to expose a long buried secret.

LaRaven Taylor/GPB

Being a teenager today is difficult enough. For many, shifting definitions of sexual orientation adds layers of adolescent angst. A new young adult novel from The New York Times bestselling author Nic Stone follows how questions of gender and identity play out in the lives of three teens in a Decatur high school.