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Another cog in the supply chain disrupted by the pandemic: diapers. And as struggling families with young children face more challenges to making ends meet, one local group has stepped up to help.

Just over five years ago, Jamie Lackey was a social worker, nonprofit professional and mother, when she noticed gaps in services for families in need, particularly when it came to baby supplies. Financial assistance programs like SNAP, for example, don’t allow for purchasing diapers and other essentials.

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The 2019 James Beard Awards Gala takes place next week in Chicago. Among the chefs and culinary creatives being celebrated, a different kind of innovator will join. That's Atlanta-based nonprofit The Giving Kitchen, which will be accepting the James Beard Humanitarian of the Year Award for its role in providing crisis grants, resources and assistance to food service workers.



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A recent report by the Annie E. Casey Foundation found that almost 200,000 children in Georgia have an incarcerated parent. Georgia also has the highest probation rate in the country and the eighth-highest incarceration rate, according to the Georgia Council of Criminal Justice Reform.


Parental incarceration can lead to housing insecurity, financial pressures and emotional challenges for children.


The Atlanta-based nonprofit Foreverfamily helps strengthen the bonds between incarcerated parents and their children through educational programming and visitation.


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The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reported that drowning is one of the top three causes of unintentional deaths for people under 29 years old, and the risk for black children between ages 5 and 14 is three times higher than for white children.

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GPB's series, "Macon Conversations," brings together folks from different backgrounds to have honest conversations about race. Tonja Khabir and Katie Powers were a part of the series. Khabir is the executive director of the Griffith Family Foundation, which provides grants to programs in the Macon community. Powers is the founder of Macon Book 'Em, a nonprofit that provides books to at-risk communities.

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Bill Bolling knew from his first experience at the community kitchen at St. Luke's Episcopal Church in Atlanta that he was destined for a life of service.

"I thought wow, this is it. After three college degrees and being a veteran — I even called my mother up and said, 'Mom! This is what God wants me to do,'" Bolling said. "Make soup!"

We spoke with Bill Bolling about founding the Atlanta Community Food Bank in 1979. The food bank has served over 750,000 people each year in Georgia. Bolling retired in 2015, but still actively works with food organizations like the Foodwell Alliance. He is also involved in collaborative efforts to combat poverty and housing inequality in the state.