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Mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms has lifted the evening curfew for the city of Atlanta, according to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

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Some Georgia lawmakers are calling to quickly scrap the state's 19th-century citizen arrest law that was cited in one prosecutor's controversial justification of the killing of Ahmaud Arbery.

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A Georgia judge decided Thursday there is enough evidence to try three white men for the murder of a black jogger, Ahmaud Arbery.

New details came to light during a preliminary court hearing Thursday as lawyers for both sides laid out their cases for a trial that’s captured national attention.

MORE: New Details Emerge As Arbery Murder Case Proceeds In Court

In court, a fuller picture emerged of what allegedly happened on Feb. 23.

Breaking Down The 1.1 Million Votes Already Cast In Georgia’s June 9 Primary

Jun 5, 2020
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More than 1.1 million Georgians have already participated in the June 9 primary, driven in part by a record-setting surge in votes by mail due to the coronavirus.

As of Thursday, June 4, more than 561,000 people had voted in the Republican general primary, 528,000 in the Democratic primary and 20,000 returned a nonpartisan ballot.

About three-quarters of the ballots received so far have been submitted by mail – more than 20 times the 37,000 absentee ballots mailed in the 2016 general primary.

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Since George Floyd was killed by a Minneapolis police officer on May 25, rage that had accumulated over centuries of racial violence spilled into the nation's streets.

From Atlanta, Macon and Savannah to London, Amsterdam and Paris, protesters are flooding streets that, only weeks ago, stood nearly empty due to fears of COVID-19. The crowds are unprecedented in their size, diversity and condemnation of police brutality and systemic racial injustice. Despite early property damage, largely peaceful protests have gained momentum over the course of the last week. 


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Georgia Public Broadcasting’s new series What You Need To Know: Coronavirus provides succinct, fact-based information to help you get through the coronavirus pandemic with your health and sanity intact.

Shyann Swanson

Friday on Political Rewind, a big day in Georgia political news. Early voting for the state’s June 9 primary ends today.

Officials predict long lines could lead to hours long waits at polling places next Tuesday.

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Atlanta rapper Michael "Killer Mike" Render knows the city isn't perfect, but still believes better days are ahead.

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Data from the Atlanta Police Department and the Georgia Bureau of Investigation about those arrested in Atlanta between Friday and Tuesday show a majority live in the Atlanta area.

Of the 477 people charged between Friday and Tuesday night, 391 or 82% were residents of the city or the metro Atlanta area.


The shooting death of Ahmaud Arbery outside Brunswick, Georgia, sparked nationwide outrage — but not right away. 

Arbery died Feb. 23, but it took more than two months for charges to be filed, and that was only after a disturbing video of the shooting was released. When Brunswick News reporter Larry Hobbs heard about Arbery's death a day after it happened, what struck him was how no one was talking about it. 

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After testing positive for coronavirus, Athens-Clarke County District 2 Commissioner Mariah Parker will not be attending any protests until her two-week quarantine is up. Parker was one of the organizers of a march on Sunday, May 31, that attracted over a thousand people to downtown Athens.

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Atlanta Mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms addressed a crowd gathered downtown to protest racism, police violence and the killing of George Floyd.

Bottoms told demonstrators through a megaphone on Thursday that the country was in the midst of a movement, but they would have to articulate solutions, not just anger. 

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A Georgia judge has decided there is enough evidence to try three white men for the murder of a black jogger, Ahmaud Arbery. New details came to light during a preliminary court hearing Thursday as lawyers for both sides laid out their cases for a trial that’s captured national attention.

Data: Georgia Department of Public Health

The Daybreak Center in Macon is an oasis for the homeless community with laundry, meals, showers and computers.  And also, healthcare.


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GPB is exploring the issues of food and hunger in Georgia during the coronavirus pandemic through a video series featuring stories of those who are being affected, and those who are trying to help.

Hugh Acheson is an award-winning chef and owner of two fine dining restaurants in Georgia: Atlanta’s Empire State South and Athens’ 5 and 10. When the pandemic shut them down, Acheson teamed up with The World Central Kitchen and put his kitchen and restaurant staff to work creating tens of thousands of meals for those in need. 

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UPDATE 4:40 p.m.: The judge has found there is probable cause to head to trial in the shooting death case

ORIGINAL STORY: Evidence revealed in court Thursday in the killing of Ahmaud Arbery alleges that the young black man was repeatedly boxed in by two pickup trucks as he desperately tried to escape.

A Georgia Bureau of Investigation agent says a white man then shot him in the chest, the first of three shots with a pump-action shotgun.

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The CEO of Pilgrim’s Pride is one of four current and former chicken company executives who have been indicted on charges of price-fixing.

The Justice Department says a federal grand jury in Colorado found that executives from Colorado-based Pilgrim’s Pride and Georgia-based Claxton Poultry conspired to fix prices and rig bids for broiler chickens from at least 2012 to 2017.  

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Thursday on Political Rewind, a conversation with a police chief who says police departments need a culture change that values human life.

Today, we were joined by LaGrange Police Chief Louis Dekmar.

Sofi Gratas

The majority of Athens-Clarke County residents have expressed outrage at the use of force used against protesters on Sunday night.

The demonstrations remained peaceful until around 11:50 p.m., when a drone flew over the crowd threatening arrest of the remaining protesters for “unlawful assembly.” This came after a 9 p.m. curfew was set, though people weren’t notified until around 9:45 p.m.

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Around 1,500 protesters gathered outside a Confederate monument in Decatur, Georgia, as demonstrations continued throughout the state against racism, police brutality and the killing of George Floyd.

The march started Wednesday afternoon in Decatur Square, home to a Confederate monument built in 1908 and a “contextualized” marker explaining the racist history of the monument and the Civil War.

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Former President Jimmy Carter is calling on Americans of privilege and power to fight racial injustice.

 The 95-year-old former president issued a statement Wednesday addressing angry protests across the U.S. since the death of George Floyd in Minneapolis. 

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Georgia’s legislature will resume session on June 15 under an agreement announced by House and Senate leaders on Wednesday. The 40-day legislative session was put on hold in March because of the coronavirus pandemic. House Speaker David Ralston and Lt. Gov. Geoff Duncan announced the start date in a letter to members. 

Dunwoody Police Department

After more than a week of protests following the death of George Floyd, officials in the law enforcement community continue to share their thoughts, feedback, and ideas on how to move forward.

Former President Jimmy Carter on Wednesday said he feels a responsibility to bring equity to Georgia and the nation, and that people of power, privilege and moral conscience must stand up to a racially discriminatory police and justice system.

Carter said, "We are better than this."

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Mercer University in Macon is taking steps to make sure students, faculty and others can stay relatively safe from coronavirus when physical classes resume later this summer.

Step One is an on campus coronavirus testing lab.

More Voters, Fewer Polls Means Long Lines Likely For Georgia Primary

Jun 3, 2020
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Georgians planning to vote in person next week for the June 9 primary could face long wait times – and not just because of the coronavirus. 

A surge in the state’s voter rolls over the past decade, combined with poll closures or consolidations due to the removal of federal oversight of polling changes is now exacerbated by last-minute poll closures, relocations and social distancing measures.

According to a February report from the secretary of state’s office, 2,377 polling places were slated to open across Georgia for the presidential primary in March. 

Screenshot of Atlanta police press conference

While Michael "Killer Mike" Render stood next to the mayor and other city officials Friday, May 29, and pleaded for Atlantans to not "burn their own house down," some on social media were quick to point out that his T-shirt read "KILL YOUR MASTERS" in big block letters.

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Atlanta Mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms has ordered a citywide curfew for the fifth consecutive night. The curfew continues at 9 p.m. Wednesday.

Officials also announced on Twitter curfews issued for Thursday beginning at 9 p.m. and Friday, Saturday and Sunday beginning at 8 p.m. All curfews expire at sunrise.

Alex Morrison

Wednesday on Political Rewind, the primary in Georgia is less than a week away. Where do we stand going into the June 9 election following widespread unrest over systemic racism?

Our panel of political insiders weighed in.

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Gov. Brian Kemp says he does not see the need for now to call up more National Guard troops or deploy additional law enforcement officers to prevent protests over the death of George Floyd in Minnesota from turning violent.

Kemp said he understood why people were upset, citing the coronavirus pandemic and “sky high” unemployment in addition to Floyd’s death. But he condemned the widespread vandalism and looting that broke out in Atlanta after a peaceful demonstration on Friday.

Atlanta Police Department

Atlanta police Chief Erika Shields said in an email to employees late Tuesday that multiple law enforcement agencies immediately stopped assisting the department during the ongoing protests because Fulton County District Attorney Paul Howard announced criminal charges against six officers involved in an arrest Saturday.