Morehouse School of Medicine

Morehouse School of Medicine

Morehouse School of Medicine is getting some help from Google to figure out why the COVID-19 pandemic is disproportionately affecting minority communities.

The tech conglomerate is awarding a $1 million grant to Morehouse's Satcher Health Leadership Institute to help the school study the impact that the coronavirus outbreak is having on different racial communities.

The Morehouse School of Medicine had planned to use a $500,000 grant from The Department of Community Health to create The Center for Excellence on Maternal Mortality. The grant now stands to be eliminated as a part of state-wide budget cuts ordered by Governor Kemp. 

Dr. Natalie Hernandez is an assistant professor at Morehouse School of Medicine. She spoke with Morning Edition host Leah Fleming.

Anotonio Johnson is a photographer and among the contributors for Pop-Up Zine Atlanta.  Johnson's project, You Next, aims to capture the sense of community and transformative power of the black barbershop across America.

Morehouse School of Medicine

Several state agencies are looking for ways to comply with a recent order from Gov. Brian Kemp to slash budgets by 4% this fiscal year and another 6% the following year.


The Morehouse School of Medicine in Atlanta is one of the institutions being affected by budget cuts. 



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Just about everyone knows someone who is or has been affected by cancer.   


According to the American Cancer Society, this year over 1.7 million new cases of cancer will be diagnosed in the United States.  


People of color,  particularly African Americans, are more likely to die from cancer when compared to any other ethnic group in the U.S.

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The Georgia House on Monday passed a bill that would help protect women’s health when it comes to early detection of breast cancer.

Health & Human Services Committee Chair Rep. Sharon Cooper (R-Marietta) sponsored HB 62, which requires doctors to notify mammography patients of their breast density.

The newest appointed director of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), is already facing serious accusations. Dr. Robert Redfield has been accused of fabricating or seriously botching HIV vaccine data. President Trump's appointee also has no experience running a public health organization. This problematic news comes months after the controversy with previous CDC director, Brenda Fitzgerald.