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The Tide Pod Challenge has sent dozens of people, many of them young teens, to hospitals across the country. Eating laundry detergent may seem like a new level of stupidity, but kids and adolescents have been doing dumb things to impress each other for a long time. And, despite first appearances, there might actually be a good reason why. Joining us to talk through this are Catherine O’Neal, Assistant Research Scientist at UGA’s College of Family and Consumer Sciences, and Jay Hathaway, Senior Writer at the Daily Dot.

Miles Mashburn Is In On The Joke In Macon

Jul 24, 2017
Katie Atkinson / GPB News

 Macon native Miles Mashburn likes to poke fun at his hometown. In fact, he’s made a hobby out of it with his Macon Memes Facebook page.


“I’ve always liked making people laugh and particularly I love making memes on my personal Facebook,” Mashburn said. “So I decided to make the page 'Macon Memes' to kind of branch out and get a following and it turned out to be a pretty successful.”


True, if success is defined by having over 13,000 followers.