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According to an Emory University study, second-best will meet second-worst at the Super Bowl in Atlanta. For years, Emory Marketing professor Mike Lewis has used a statistical model to rank sports fans. This season, that model ranked fans of the New England Patriots as the No. 2 fan base in the nation. The same model ranked fans of the Los Angeles Rams second-to-worst, only ahead of the Tennessee Titans. 


Do you remember Diet Crystal Pepsi, Frito Lay Lemonade, or the Zune? These products didn’t last long, but that doesn’t mean they weren’t important. Failed products can often become embarrassing chapters in a company’s history, but those companies can learn something from the people who embraced them – something about what not to do.

Agriculture continues to be a heavyweight industry in Georgia, contributing over $75 billion to the state’s economy. Agriculture Commissioner Gary Black wants to double down on that success with Georgia Grown. The branded logo is associated with producers, sellers, manufacturers, and any Georgia business that wants to further align itself with the Peach State.

"Healthy" Soda Marketing | Super Bowls & Cities | Tasers On Campus

Feb 22, 2016

Soda companies have devised a defense against sin taxes and criticism about the health effects of their products. Duane Stanford of Beverage Digest tells us how the Atlanta-based Coca-Cola Company has evolved in its marketing to attract more health conscious consumers. Plus, is hosting a Super Bowl worth it economically for host cities? And one lawmaker hopes to convince those who don't want guns on public college campuses to allow students to carry tasers and other forms of stun guns.

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