lake lanier

David Goldman / AP

Lake Lanier is at its highest water level since 1964 and Atlanta has experienced the most rainfall since 2017.

Lake Lanier Association President John Barker said the conditions are unusual.

“I live on the very north end of the lake and its as high I've ever seen,” Barker said. “It's also probably as dirty as I've ever seen it because of the speed with which the rain came down and the intensity of it.”

kayaker on Lake Lanier
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Last year saw higher algae levels in Lake Lanier and that's concerning environmentalists, but it might be temporary. 

boat on Lake Lanier
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Some longtime Georgia residents may remember the building of Lake Lanier.

A new oral history project starting Monday at the Forsyth County Public Library system seeks to capture those memories.

Bradley George/GPB

At Lake Lanier on Tuesday, crews will remove a houseboat that sank years ago. Nicknamed “The Titanic,” it’s one of about 20 abandoned boats and docks on Georgia’s largest lake. Not only are they eyesores, they’re harmful to people and the environment. And, there’s no easy way to get rid of them.