Jekyll Island

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The Federal Reserve's roots trace back to Georgia’s Jekyll Island. It all started in November 1910, when  six men secretly convened at the Jekyll Island Club to reform the country's banking system. The participants did not admit that the meeting happened until the 1930s.

Jekyll ISland

Making news today on the coast:

  • Jekyll Island Authority studies the island's sustainability as it looks to grow
  • Savannah experiments with green bike lanes
  • Osprey hatching on Skidaway Island's Birdcam

Bobcat Kittens Could Signal Comeback On Jekyll Island

Feb 22, 2017
Jekyll Island Authority

Two bobcat kittens spotted recently on Jekyll Island could be an early sign the elusive predators are making a comeback on the coastal state park after vanishing roughly a century ago.

Conservation Manager Ben Carswell of the Jekyll Island Authority said Wednesday that motion-activated cameras used to monitor wildlife captured images in late December of a bobcat mother and one kitten. More images taken soon after confirmed two young bobcats.

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A new graphic novel takes us back to the early 20th century on Jekyll Island. Back then, the tiny Georgia island was a hot spot for some of the most powerful and wealthy individuals like William Rockefeller, Joseph Pulitzer, and Henry Ford. "The Jekyll Island Chronicles" blends historical fact with alternate history - all with the help of students from the Savannah College of Art and Design. We talk with co-author Ed Crowell and illustrator Moses Nester.

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What better way to learn about history than to go back in time. Kids at the Jekyll Island Museum’s Time Travelers' Camp get to do just that... hypothetically speaking. They learn about the island's history by exploring a different era each day.

We speak with Bruce Piatek, director of Historic Resources at The Jekyll Island Authority, and camp counselor Hailee Komaromi about time travel, history, and how campers learn to speak pirate.