Leaders of the National Cathedral in Washington recently made the decision to remove the Confederate Battle Flag from the landmark’s stained glass windows. Why does this flag – and really any symbol – hold so much power in our culture and society? We speak with a flag expert (also known as a vexillologist) Ted Kaye and social psychologist Clay Routledge about the historical and psychological importance of symbols.

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The history of Juneteenth goes like this: President Abraham Lincoln signed the Emancipation Proclamation in 1863. But two years later, on June 19, 1865, slaves in Texas finally got the news that they were free. Juneteenth is this Sunday, but Atlanta's Oakland Cemetery celebrated a few days early this year.  Groups of all ages were invited to tour the cemetery's historic African-American gravesites last weekend.

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On the cobbled walkway behind Savannah’s River Street, four large archways lead into vaults that stretch back toward Bay Street. They’re a curious sight for tourists and locals alike, and stories about their origin abound.

Now, the city’s offering some clarity in the form of new history panels that detail the site known as the Cluskey Embankment Stores or Cluskey Vaults, after their architect, Charles Cluskey. City historian Luciana Spracher said the panels started with a youth group.

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A new biography about the Godfather of Soul reveals what James Brown sought for so long to hide - his roots.  Author James McBride writes that the facts of Brown's life have become "twisted like a pretzel beyond recognition." McBride tries to set the record straight with "Kill 'Em And Leave: Searching For James Brown And The American Soul." 


Most major cities around the country cultivate a certain cultural tone over time. Portland is known as a hub of nostalgia and alternative lifestyles; Miami boasts a blend of Latin culture mixed in with a constant party vibe. But how is Atlanta defined culturally and how has that definition changed over the years?



Commentary: Learn From Confederate Monuments, Don't Remove Them

Mar 9, 2016
Jud McCranie

Georgia's Civil War legacy has been hotly debated over the years. The Atlanta History Center has created online tools to help put Confederate monuments in historical perspective. In a commentary, the Center’s president and CEO Sheffield Hale says we should learn from Confederate memorials, not tear them down.


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There’s a “pro-white” rally scheduled in April at Stone Mountain, which is Georgia’s most famous Confederate monument. “Pro-white” is how the organizers describe it, others call it a white supremacy rally. Some self-described anti-hate groups are planning to protest the “pro-white” crowd.

Counter protesters include the Confederates of Michigan and the South Carolina-based Bastards Motorcycle Club. They say they want the rally to end without violence. We talked with members of both groups about what they hope to accomplish.

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Before she performed under the name TORRES, she was Mackenzie Scott, a teenager in Macon, Ga. Hear Scott perform three songs off her album Sprinter and talk about what its like to come home in this performance at Capricorn Studio in Macon. Listen above, watch below.