Hemp Farming

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In May, Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp signed Georgia’s Hemp Farming Act. The legislation legalized the growth and sale of hemp. Federally, hemp contains 0.3 percent of THC or lower. The amount of THC present is what contributes to feeling high.

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From the devastation of Hurricane Michael to trade tariffs, Georgia farmers have faced months of uncertainty. After stalled disaster and tariff aid packages, American farmers are still struggling while being shuffled around the political gameboard. 


Mark Peele is a cotton grower and president of the South Central Georgia Gin Company. He joined On Second Thought on the line from Berrien County to talk about the outlook — and mindset — of Georgia farmers. Jeffrey Harvey, director of the Georgia Farm Bureau's Public Policy Department, also joined the conversation from GPB's studio in Macon.



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Now that Gov. Brian Kemp has signed a bill allowing for the cultivation of medical marijuana, those hoping to secure one of the six state-issued private growing permits are jockeying for position, including the city of Augusta.

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Gov. Brian Kemp on Friday signed a bill into law that allows Georgia farmers to grow hemp. The crop is the source of products ranging from rope to soap to CBD oil.


A bill to allow the growth of hemp has been filed at the state Capitol. House Bill 231 was proposed by a group of 5 bipartisan state representatives.  

The recently passed federal farm bill included a provision legalizing the cultivation of industrial hemp, but Congress left it up to states to decide what hemp is.

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