Ross Terrell / GPB News

The smell hits you before anything else. Rows of green plants sprout from brown dirt, covered by a white tarp.

It’s the first legal industrial hemp field in the state of Georgia in decades. Congress outlawed the plant with the Controlled Substance Act of 1970, which classified it as a schedule one drug.

Gillian Flaccus / AP

Illegal marijuana users shouldn’t get comfortable in Lawrenceville just yet.

Gwinnett County police announced in August that they wouldn’t jail people for small amounts of pot, for now, because hemp production was legalized in May by the Georgia Hemp Farming Act, and authorities don’t have field equipment to determine between hemp and marijuana.

Gerald Herbert / AP

Gwinnett County police announced Monday they will no longer arrest people or issue citations for misdemeanor marijuana cases.

The decision comes after the county’s Solicitor General Brian Whiteside said his office would no longer prosecute marijuana cases that occurred after May 10.