Hands-free georgia

cameronestrada / Flickr

Starting this Sunday, Georgia drivers will no longer be able to hold phones while driving. We were curious about which other activities have been considered unsafe while driving. A little digging revealed that ever since humans sat behind the wheel, they've found reasons to take their eyes off the road — and at some time and place in American history, laws have been proposd to ban just about all of them. One of the first distractions? The car radio. 

Airman Sadie Colbert / U.S. Air Force

Georgia's new hands-free driving law goes into effect Sunday, July 1. The Georgia General Assembly passed House Bill 673 earlier this year, and last month it was signed by Governor Nathan Deal. This new law requires drivers to use hands-free technology when using cell phones and other electronic devices while driving. Writing, sending or reading any text-based communication, including a text message, instant message, e-mail or internet data while holding your device is prohibited.