Giving Kitchen

Working in the food service industry can be a tough gig, even without a pandemic. Many workers are uninsured and — like the restaurants employing them — have little financial cushion for weathering crises.

Since 2013, Giving Kitchen has helped bolster the industry by providing crisis grants, resources, and assistance to food service workers. But now, with restaurant closures and many folks out of work, more food industry employees find themselves in crisis than ever before — an insurmountable challenge for the small Atlanta-based nonprofit.

Emilia Brock / GPB News

The 2019 James Beard Awards Gala takes place next week in Chicago. Among the chefs and culinary creatives being celebrated, a different kind of innovator will join. That's Atlanta-based nonprofit The Giving Kitchen, which will be accepting the James Beard Humanitarian of the Year Award for its role in providing crisis grants, resources and assistance to food service workers.