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Georgia Southern University Statesboro Campus
Georgia Southern University

Students of Georgia Southern University gathered Wednesday night for a difficult conversation about race, free speech and tolerance.

It comes after a book burning on campus.

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Georgia Southern University faculty are holding events on censorship and free speech this week following a book burning by students.


Author Jennine Capó Crucet spoke at the school’s Statesboro campus last week about white privilege and the college experience. Some students challenged her, and video posted on social media showed students burning her book.


School administrators said the students were within their rights but the book burning “does not align with Georgia Southern’s values.”


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Schools along the Georgia coast have begun to announce closures as Hurricane Dorian approaches. The storm is expected to move north along the coast, and Georgia could begin experiencing tropical storm-force winds Tuesday.

It’s Shark Week on Discovery channel. Mark it with a look at these captivating fish along Georgia’s coast.

On Second Thought is joined by Paulita Bennett-Martin, Campaign Organizer at Oceana; Bryan Fluech, Associate Director of UGA’s Marine Extension and Georgia’s Sea Grant; and James Glancy, Discovery Channel Host.

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The movie “Jaws” famously shows us a shark’s eye view of swimmers in the water, their legs kicking while the shark prepares to attack.


We know that sharks don’t really go after people like the movie’s monster great white. But we still have a lot to learn about how they detect their prey. A researcher at Georgia Southern University is trying to change that.


It turns out, understanding sharks’ senses could help people make a living on the water.

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Casimir Pulaski was born in Poland in 1745. After proving his military mastery in independence struggles across Europe, Pulaski moved to Boston in 1777. He formed the colonists' first legion on horseback, became Brigadier General and saved George Washington's retreating troops at Brandywine. Pulaski was later mortally wounded, and died, amid the 1779 Siege of Savannah. But for centuries, his final resting place remained a mystery.

Earlier this month, the Smithsonian Channel revealed not only that the "father of the American cavalry" was indeed buried in Savannah – but also that Pulaski may biologically have been intersex. Both breakthroughs came after decades of research by a team based in Georgia with help from colleagues across the United States, Poland and Canada.

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For generations, the Georgia coast has been home to folks who have made their living on the water. A new oral history project aims to trace the traditions and changes in small-scale fishing through firsthand accounts.

Georgia Southern University anthropology professor Jennifer Sweeney Tookes and University of Georgia Marine Extension associate director Bryan Fluech are leading a team of anthropology students in compiling "Fishing Traditions and Fishing Futures: Oral Histories of Commercial Fishing in Georgia."

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Georgia lawmakers are considering changes to the way the state approves new hospitals and medical facilities.

GPB’s Cindy Hill spoke with Charles Owens, professor of health policy and management at Georgia Southern University, to learn more about what this means for patients.

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A 4.4-magnitude earthquake hit Tennessee just after 4 a.m. Wednesday. Seismic tremors shook Georgians awake in the early hours and could be felt as far south as LaGrange, Georgia. 

Major earthquakes aren't impossible in the eastern United States, but they are rare. We turned to Georgia Southern University geology professor and chair Jim Reichard for a lesson on the science of earthquakes. We also spoke with civil engineer Glenn Rix, senior principal at Geosyntec Consultants, about how prepared the infrastructure of the Southeast is to withstand a significant earthquake. 

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A Nobel Prize-winning energy expert says Georgia is a leader in clean energy production.



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Georgia Southern University

There is change in the works at two Georgia universities. Earlier this year, the University System Board of Regents voted to merge Armstrong State University and Georgia Southern University. The new school will keep Georgia Southern’s name. Since 2011, the university system has completed seven mergers, in the interests of efficiency and economy.

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Nikki Giovanni is one of the most celebrated poets of her generation. Her unique style weaves together strong ties to family, experiences as an African American woman growing up in the South, and her pride as an activist. We asked her about whether she considers herself a good poet, and how she feels America needs to come together amid so many divisions.


Georgia Southern and Armstrong State Universities will combine under the name Georgia Southern University. The state Board of Regents approved the consolidation Wednesday.

Armstrong students and alumni have been critical of the plan, pointing to Armstrong's history in Savannah and the distance between the schools.