Georgia Ports Authority

Georgia Ports Authority

The Georgia Ports Authority has announced plans to double the capacity of the Port of Savannah. 


Ports Executive Director Griff Lynch said at the State of the Ports event Thursday that the authority plans to establish a new container port on Hutchinson Island, which sits across the river from Savannah.

Georgia's seaports are celebrating another year of record growth in fiscal 2019, though their chief executive warns business will suffer if the U.S. doesn't resolve its trade war with China.

The world has six fewer North Atlantic Right Whales after a summer of loss for the endangered species. Four of the animals have died in the last week alone, and three of them were of breeding age.

The whales are Georgia's state marine mammal, and biologists are alarmed these deaths bring the species even closer to extinction. Clay George is a wildlife biologist with the Georgia Department of Natural Resources. He's among those monitoring the numbers, and he spoke with On Second Thought about the dwindling population, the role of the Georgia coast in the whales' life cycle and the origins of their name.

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Georgia Congressman Buddy Carter said Friday that he continues to push for more federal funding to deepen the Savannah harbor. The state has already paid its share to get the project underway. But federal dollars have been slower.


The price of the Savannah Harbor Expansion Project keeps rising. It now stands at $973 million.


That’s one reason Carter said he hopes to get things moving more quickly.

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Gov. Nathan Deal said Friday that he would support whatever is necessary to complete the Savannah Harbor Expansion Project "in a timely fashion," including the possibility of more state funding. 

Deal spoke at an event at the Port of Savannah welcoming the COSCO Development, the largest container ship ever to call on the U.S. East Coast.

'It Takes Up The Whole River!' US Ports Welcome Giant Ship

May 12, 2017
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The largest cargo ship ever to visit ports on the U.S. East Coast is so long the Statue of Liberty and Washington Monument could fit end-to-end along its deck and still leave room for Big Ben.

Georgia Ports Authority

On Monday, the Georgia Ports Authority announced the sale of five parcels of land for commercial development at GPA’s Savannah River International Trade Park. The new development can hold up to five million square feet of logistics space and is less than five miles away from Garden City Container Terminal.

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A delegation from Georgia was in Panama Sunday to mark the opening of the new expansion of the Panama Canal. It will allow larger cargo ships to pass from the Pacific to the Atlantic Ocean.


The Savannah Harbor Expansion Project is getting Georgia's ports ready to receive those ships. They do call at the Port of Savannah already, but they can't carry a full load of cargo and they can only travel up the river at high tide.