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If you grumble about paying taxes, you might have another reason to complain.  A new investigation shows Georgia county tax commissioners are allowed to profit personally from the collection of city taxes. 

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President Trump's ongoing war with the media was amplified in several ways last week.


Trump’s staff banned a CNN reporter from a Rose Garden event because she asked the president tough questions during a press gaggle.

The President also attacked the media during a speech to veterans, where he told them not to trust negative news about him. / Flickr

Tuesday, November 7, Atlanta voters will pick a new mayor. With nine candidates vying for office, campaign fundraising and robocalls have played a major role in the race. That’s been a hot-button issue as the feds investigate pay-to-play contracts at city hall. 


The internet has changed the way journalists reach audiences, causing media outlets and journalism programs to struggle with how best to teach the craft of journalism to the next generation. University of Georgia professor Valerie Boyd is spearheading a MFA program that specializes in teaching long-form journalism techniques to students. Guest host Adam Ragusea sits down with Boyd to talk about the value of long-form and it’s place in the current media landscape.