Georgia Aquarium

Georgia Aquarium

A 20-year-old whale named Whisper gave birth to a calf May 17 at the Georgia Aquarium, officials said Monday.

Georgia Aquarium / Youtube

Atlanta Humane Society’s foster puppies Odie and Carmel visiting the Georgia Aquarium were so well received, five of their kittens joined in on the fun on Monday.

Georgia Aquarium

As the state shelters for another week, some puppies got to roam around the empty Georgia Aquarium Thursday for the first time.

Georgia Aquarium Jellyfish Webcam

Although the Georgia Aquarium may be closed to visitors during the coronavirus outbreak, its fish and wildlife can still be observed online.

The world's largest aquarium, based in Atlanta, closed last Saturday to prevent the spread of COVID-19, but people may stream live webcams of their exhibits, including their piranhas, sea lions, beluga whales, penguins, and jellyfish.

Online visitors suffering from social distancing claustrophobia can tune into the fish feeds around the clock.

Jessica Fontana / Georgia Aquarium

Atlanta might be the last place you’d look for endangered penguins, but every morning at the Georgia Aquarium begins with a Waddle Walk. That’s when staff take endangered African penguins out for a walk around the aquarium. GPB intern Olivia Reingold joined them recently to bring us this audio postcard.

Sam Whitehead / GPB

Whale economics: it’s something you’ve got to think about if you’re running a facility like the Georgia Aquarium.

They spent $6.5 million over four years trying to import beluga whales from Russia only to get blocked by the federal government. Now, they’ve said “no” to collecting wild belugas. Instead, they’re trying to keep their whale exhibit afloat through breeding and trading.  

But what’s the cost of a beluga? Where do you even get one? How’s the whale market looking these days?