Anthony "Truth" Gary

Every month, a group of budding Atlanta lyricists — some veterans, some novices — gather together, form a circle, and start rapping. It’s an experience the group’s founder, Alex 'Cost 1’ Acosta, has described as akin to “hip-hop church.” 

The monthly gathering is just one offshoot of the freestyle rap nonprofit Soul Food Cypher, which aims to use the power of words to transform individual lives — with ripple effects into their broader communities. 


The Story Behind Coca-Cola's First Pour

Aug 3, 2016

It’s been a 130 years since John Pemberton walked into Jacobs’ Pharmacy in Atlanta and introduced the world to Coca-Cola. The beverage giant has called the city home ever since. Producer Linda Chen took a trip to the Coca-Cola Freestyle Innovation Lab and learned the story behind the drink’s first pour.