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You probably saw the photo. 

A woman with her right hand raised in a fist, her left on the autobiography of Malcolm X. That was Mariah Parker. 


  The Nigerian novelist and feminist thinker Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie is the focus of a roundtable discussion on feminism taking place in Atlanta tomorrow night. 


Adichie’s books on feminism have made her a powerful voice in the modern feminist movement.



Antres Finnie is the creator of the blog The Robot Rebel. She sits down with us to talk about organizing the event and how to look at the fight for women's rights in a new light.


Kate T. Parker

The role of a female photographer is especially important in an age when women are often depicted in superficial or sexualized ways. Many women in the photography industry are trying to change that, including Kate Parker, whose new book, “Strong is the New Pretty,” depicts girls as unique and capable, rather than simply primped and stereotypically pretty.

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As far as clothes are concerned, men can throw on just about anything in minutes. But it's a different story for women. Host Celeste Headlee opens the Gripebag and rants about one of the more frustrating parts of getting dressed for women: zippers. 

You have probably heard complaints about women's clothing. The sizes aren't consistent. The shoes are lower quality than men's and last as long as a carton of yogurt. I agree, those things are annoying. But I want to talk about the aspect of women's clothing that irritates me more than any other... zippers in the back. Why?

Jessica Fern Hunt

How has Shakespeare managed to stay relevant for more than 450 years? His work's persistence is due in part to constant reinvention. An Atlanta Theater company breathes new life into Shakespeare by casting women to play traditionally male parts. We speak with actress Jennifer Acker of the Fern Theater about how an all-female cast contributes to our understanding of Shakespeare. Tim McDonough, chair of theater studies program at Emory University, also joins our discussion.

Funny And Feminist

Mar 10, 2016
Mike Hillman

A sketch comedy show at Dad’s Garage in Atlanta promises to deliver laughs and “smash the patriarchy right through the glass ceiling.” It’s called “Woman of the Year” and features sketches that challenge traditional notions of how women are supposed to act, dress and behave.