For more than a century, Georgia cotton farmers helped grow the American economy and the garment industry. The clothing industry has evolved many times over since then — now, it’s easy to pop into a store and walk out with a $5 t-shirt, most likely synthetic and made outside of Georgia and even the United States.

But after decades of increasingly cheap, “fast” fashion, there are signs of change. Sustainable fashion was featured on some catwalks for Spring 2020 collections, and fast fashion giant Forever 21 filed for bankruptcy earlier this week. A growing consumer movement is re-evaluating the social and environmental impacts of the global clothing trade.

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He's been called the South's best-dressed man. She was a fashion editor at Condé Nast. Together, they're Sid and Ann Mashburn, the husband-and-wife design duo behind the eponymous fashion and lifestyle brand Mashburn.

The Mississippi and Midwest-born, New York-bred couple opened their flagship store on Atlanta's Westside in 2007 following careers at Vogue, Glamour, Ralph Lauren and J.Crew, among other big names in fashion. Today, with a booming online business and five brick and mortar shops across the country, the Mashburn name has become synonymous with style

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Outsourcing all but destroyed the textile industry in the South over the last few decades, which went from employing more than a million workers in the late 1940s. As Georgia and other Southern states try to lure manufacturers back with tax incentives, an Atlanta company has developed a possible breakthrough: a robotic sewing machine. We speak with Barry Clark, vice president of research and development at SoftWear Automation, and Courtney Hammonds, academic director of the fashion department at the Art Institute of Atlanta, about how new technology is changing the garment industry. 

Sid Mashburn On Men's Fashion And Southern Style

Jun 25, 2016
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Just the other weekend, my family was out to dinner celebrating Father’s Day. While typically my family’s gatherings are a time to catch up on everyone’s lives, this dinner conversation was different as it was surprisingly centered around men’s clothing.

Leah Fleming

Spring is here and with it some beautiful fashion! 

There is a unique flair to southern fashion, says Molly McWilliams Wilkins, editor in chief of Southern Bon Vivant, a style and culture website.  She joins GPB Macon's Leah Fleming in a new segment taking a closer look at what makes "a look" so southern.  Listen to the conversation here: