This week held playoffs for both the Braves and Atlanta United, but for the fans it is not only about wins and losses. On Second Thought delves into the psychology of Atlanta fandom with psychiatrist and researcher, Dr. Seth Norrholm.

SAB0TEUR / Wikimedia Commons

According to an Emory University study, second-best will meet second-worst at the Super Bowl in Atlanta. For years, Emory Marketing professor Mike Lewis has used a statistical model to rank sports fans. This season, that model ranked fans of the New England Patriots as the No. 2 fan base in the nation. The same model ranked fans of the Los Angeles Rams second-to-worst, only ahead of the Tennessee Titans. 

Barring a blizzard, Atlanta is ready for Super Bowl LIII. But, still sore from the Falcons' 2017 defeat, how ready are Atlanta fans to welcome the New England Patriots and the Los Angeles Rams to the Dirty Birds' turf?