Fahamu Pecou

Michael Reese

The 2019 ELEVATE Atlanta Art and Culture Festival began Monday. The annual event is hosted by the City of Atlanta Mayor's Office of Cultural Affairs, and this year, it takes place in the historic Pittsburgh neighborhood of Atlanta.

The week-long festival features exhibitions, performances and other cultural events, such as screenings of films like 2019's The Last Black Man in San Francisco and 1989's Do The Right Thing.

Pat Mitchell has long been an advocate for women and girls in television. Mitchell’s new biography tells how she advocated for herself as well. She is the former CEO of PBS and the co-founder of TedWomen. She joined On Second Thought to discuss her new book, Becoming a Dangerous Woman: Embracing Risk to Change the World.

Emory University

Images are powerful. It was cell phone video and stills of unarmed black men and women being killed over the past several years that launched inquiries into use of force by police and sparked the Black Lives Matter movement. It's what inspired visual and performance artist and scholar Fahamu Pecou for his new exhibit showing at the Michael C. Carlos Museum at Emory University.

As peak tornado season bears down on the Southeast, On Second Thought is looking at who gets aid after disasters. A recent NPR investigation found that federal emergency has been a political football played by both parties. Research from Carnegie Mellon and other sources shows that how much people affected by disasters get depennds on how your district votes.

Robert Benincasa is a producer for NPR Investigations. He researched and reported on the thousands of disaster buyouts Federal Emergency Management Agency or FEMA didn't want people to see.