election day

Republicans had watched Donald Trump unleash powerful forces inside their party for more than a year. On Election Day last year, the question for many inside the GOP was how to deal with those forces once Trump had lost.

Few had figured out what it would mean for the party if he won.

Democrats were planning. There were lists of cabinet secretaries and the challenge of breaking the deadlock that set in between President Obama and the GOP Congress once President Hillary Clinton was in office.

Few had figured out what it would mean for the party if she lost.

Intentional attempts to decrease voter turnout in certain communities is still a problem here in Georgia. The New York Times reported on an egregious case in Sparta, Georgia where law enforcement visited homes of minority voters and challenged their right to vote. We’ll discuss the consequences and realities of voter intimidation with the Atlanta Journal-Constitution’s Kristina Torres and University of Georgia political science professor Charles Bullock. Plus, we hear voices of Georgia voters who took advantage of the state’s early voting period.