Delta Air Lines

Jessica Lowell

The 20th Annual Dream Flight is part of the Aviation Career Education Academy is a summer program for 14- to 18-year-olds.

It’s part of the Delta Air Lines initiative to promote diversity across aviation. The summer program is run in partnership with the Organization of Black Aerospace Professionals.

Hear how goats yell, frogs screech and humans use screams as nonverbal forms of sometimes critical communication. 

On Second Thought is joined by Harold Gouzoules, an Emory psychologist, who researches animal and human screams.

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On this edition of Political Rewind, Governor Deal makes a surprise announcement that he will suspend a controversial jet fuel tax long sought by Delta Air Lines. 

Delta CEO Addresses NRA Spat

Dalton Teacher Had Guns Taken By Police

Rep. Lewis Leads Congressional Civil Rights Pilgrimage

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Operations are getting back to normal at the world's busiest airport after a massive power outage Sunday completely shut down Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport in Atlanta.

Georgia Power officials say a fire in a substation below the airport knocked out both the main power and the backup power for several hours on Sunday.

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On this edition of "Political Rewind," did President Donald Trump admit to obstructing justice on Twitter?  Also, the controversial Republican tax reform bill passes the Senate, but it does not include a measure that would have benefited Georgia-based Delta Air Lines. The Supreme Court gets set to hear the so-called “wedding cake” case. How will the ruling impact Georgia, a state that continues to flirt with passing a religious liberty statute and one that has a large LGBT community?