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One of the ways that people are coping with coronavirus anxiety is by baking. Maybe you're noticing friends whom you never thought of as "bakers" posting photos of homemade goodies with hashtages like #QuarantineCookies and #IsolationLoaves.

Over the past three weeks, flour, yeast, sugar and eggs have been flying off supermarket shelves like so many rolls of toilet paper.

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Maybe it's your aunt's gooey chocolate chip cookines, your dad's special wing sauce, or your grandmother's post-Thanksgiving turkey tetrazzini — family recipes often get handed down from generation to generation like cherished heirlooms.

One family has been updating (and sharing) its recipe book for nearly 90 years. Ever since Irma Rombauer first published Joy of Cooking in 1931, it has become the most popular cookbook in America, and a staple of home kitchens.

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Anthony Bourdain was highly regarded as a chef, author, TV show host and world traveler who, for many, epitomized the essence of cool. He was seen as a stylish and sophisticated character with good taste and a subversive edge.

It has been about a year and a half since the famed food connoisseur died by suicide. His death was unexpected by many — from family and friends to his vast and devoted fanbase — and revealed a stark contrast to what many people perceived as the enviable lifestyle he led.

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Chef Pano Karatassos has emerged victorious. He valiantly represented Georgia on the Food Network show Beat Bobby Flay, clenching the win with his signature lamb pie.

Matthew Terrell

Long before blockbuster cookbooks, community recipe collections were go-to references for recipes. These compilations were fundraising tools for church and junior league groups, Girl Scout troops and 4-H clubs.

Matthew Terrell is an artist and writer living in Atlanta. His book, The Magnolia Bayou Ladies Auxiliary Country Club Cooking and Entertaining Book, picks up the spiral-bound, D.I.Y Southern tradition, but this time there is a twist. This cookbook is fiction. While the recipes are real, everything else — the stories, the characters, the commentary, the ads — are fake.

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From Summer blueberry to Thanksgiving pumpkin, pies are packed with memories and traditions. Everyone has their favorite, but you may not be experiencing everything this “infinite dessert” has to offer.

Paul Arguin and Chris Taylor, a married pair of scientists from the CDC turned pie-baking champions, encourage you to escape the flaky crust rut of making the same old pie, with their cookbook The New Pie.

Cooking To Survive The Walking Dead

Nov 27, 2017
Lauren Wilson

AMC’s “The Walking Dead” is full of odd and sometimes gross food moments. The characters do what they must to survive, even if that includes eating dogs, turtles, or sometimes humans. Lauren Wilson is author of "The Walking Dead: The Official Cookbook and Survival Guide." The new book re-creates some of the most iconic culinary scenes from the show.