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Georgia has bears in the mountains to the north and in the swamps in the south, but there’s also a small population in the middle of the state, about 400 in total. 

Once a year, for a single day, hunters have a chance to take a bear from the middle of Georgia. 


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Conservation groups have purchased a swath of land that they describe as one of the largest unprotected open space parcels along the southeast Atlantic coast.


For the last 31 years, sharks have been subject to a week of media frenzy, taking place each July. But, throughout the year, they face a number of dangers that put their populations at risk.

Discovery Channel's Shark Week started Sunday and, this year, the focus is on conservation. On Second Thought dives in to explore shark facts, myths and more, from the Georgia coast to the islands of Palau. 

The Brunswick News

Coastal residents and conservation groups filed a lawsuit Tuesday over the proposed Spaceport Camden.

They said Camden County is breaking state and federal open record laws by withholding information about safety and potential risks to residents and tourists during rocket launches.

Cindy Hill

Savannah’s Telfair Museums is showcasing the lives of urban enslaved people in a new exhibit opening Nov. 16.

Shannon Browning-Mullis is curator of history and decorative arts for the Telfair Museums, which operates the house. She takes us on an audio tour.

Coastal Georgia Department of Natural Resources

The Department of Natural Resources is helping anglers — people who fish with a specific method using a rod and a line — safely return fish to Georgia’s waters.

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Not too long ago, biologists with Georgia’s Department of Natural Resources didn’t know bats in the state were using bridges for roosts.

Caves in North Georgia? Yes. Hollowed out trees down south? Sure. But only recently did they learn that bats were using manmade highway bridges in Georgia the same way you may have seen them in famous places like the Congress Street Bridge in Austin, Texas.