Atlanta’s Donald Glover has found a new level of success. He’s an actor, the creator of a hit show named after his hometown of Atlanta, and a rapper under the name Childish Gambino. But his most powerful statement might be “This Is America”, a new song and video released over the weekend. Freelance entertainment reporter Jewel Wicker gives us her take on the video and what role musicians should play when it comes to social issues.

At Kennesaw State University, the Center for Young Adult Addiction Recovery helps students navigate college life while recovering from drug and alcohol abuse.


Kyra, Gabriel, Morgan, James and Harrison share their struggles and successes with sobriety in college. We are not revealing their last names because several asked to use first names only, so we made the choice to do that for all of the students we interviewed.  


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The top American universities admit more students from the top one percent of earners than the bottom 60 percent combined. Those numbers contradict the U.S. News rankings, which seem to reward schools contributing to the rich-poor gap. Georgia State University is a national model for graduating low-income students, even though it dropped 30 spots in the U.S. News rankings. We talk with Tim Renick, Vice President for Student Success Programs at GSU.

The Southern Association of Colleges and Schools says the Fort Valley State University, a historically black college in middle Georgia, has failed to comply with core requirements for accreditation.


These include improving financial control, student support services, and physical facilities. SACS also says Fort Valley is not meeting their requirements involving federal student aid funds.


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Wesleyan College is known for its diversity. A fourth of their students are international, and over a third are minorities. But it hasn’t always been that way.


In fact, back in the early 1900s, the Ku Klux Klan had something of a presence in campus life. Students named classes in honor of the KKK and even wore hooded robes and nooses. But dr. Vivia Fowler, president of Wesleyan, says the school’s past does not reflect its future.


Following the success of its first online master’s degree program, this fall Georgia Tech will offer a second online master’s degree program in analytics. The cost for the degree is less than $10,000, a new investment in the institute’s model for low-cost, online graduate education. We talk with Nelson Baker, Dean of Professional Education, about what the program hopes to achieve.



Georgia Student Finance Commission

A new report says Georgia’s HOPE Scholarship program will run out of money by 2028 – the year today’s pre-K students will start college. Nearly two million students have received HOPE since the program began in 1993, and 98 percent of the freshman class at UGA will be getting either HOPE or Zell Miller scholarships.

What's The Value Of Grad School?

Sep 1, 2016
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The University of Georgia recently created two new fellowship programs to recruit the most promising graduate students. The fellowships will waive tuition and provide at least $20,000 a year for research that aligns with the needs of Georgia's economy. But is graduate school worth the cost? 

Mercer University President Bill Underwood speaking at the university's 2016 fall convocation.

Mercer University President Bill Underwood welcomed students last week with a somewhat tough message.

"It’s not the role of the university to shield you from ideas and opinions that you find disagreeable or even that you find deeply offensive. It is our role to to help you learn how to engage productively with those with whom you disagree, and that’s sometimes difficult.”


Each year, over fifty thousand college students struggle to attend classes while coping with homelessness. Last week, Kennesaw State University unveiled a first-of-its-kind housing facility for its homeless students.

We speak with Marcy Stidum, director of the university’s CARE Center, about the facility and the growing issue of homelessness in higher education.


A survey by U.S. News and World Report found as many as one in three first-year students did not return to college for a second year between fall 2010 through fall 2013. Kennesaw State University is one of 44 institutions which launched a new initiative to address freshmen retention rates.

What Can Schools Do About Suicide?

May 11, 2016
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A recent story published in the University of Georgia student newspaper The Red and Black claims the university placed a student on interim suspension after she attempted suicide. The action, according to the article, made the "situation worse by creating further isolation, depression and anxiety." Is there a better way to deal with cries for help from members of a school population?

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A string of small arsons and racist graffiti at Mercer University in Macon are distracting students at the end of the semester when they would otherwise be worried about finals.

The graffiti was both written and removed Wednesday night on doors in Sherwood Hall, a co-ed freshman dormitory.  Freshman finance and accounting major Kenny Olaganju didn’t see the graffiti before it was removed, but he heard about it.

“All that I heard is that someone went through on the first floor and wrote the N-word with a hard R on peoples’ doors,” he said

Recently, several high profile on-campus crimes in Georgia have created a stir amongst the state’s biggest schools. For example, Georgia State University students have endured a number of disturbing crimes over the past months, including two robberies at gunpoint inside the school’s library. With Governor Deal currently deciding whether to pass new campus-carry legislation, is crime on the rise for Georgia colleges?