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As the summer months continue here in Georgia, many people are considering adding a canine companion to the family.


We here at GPB are big fans of dogs, which is why we recently launched a new digital series Unleashed: A Dog's Life, which covers different aspects of dog ownership.



As the weather warms up, you may spot more outdoor cats in your neighborhood. For pet owners, raising a cat to be indoor versus outdoor is a very sensitive subject. We talk about the ethics of cat ownership with Barbara King, College of William & Mary professor emerita of anthropology.



If you were to ask, “who is the Trap King of Atlanta," you’d probably get a few different responses, like Gucci Mane or T.I.


However, one man has already laid claim to that title. But instead of creating beats or writing lyrics, he’s trapping feral cats.


Sterling Davis is the man behind TrapKing Humane Cat Solutions.


Cat ownership is subject to a lot of debate. Inside or outside, claws or no? We’ll hear how GPB’s Sean Powers comes nose to nose with the conflict, then we talk with Barbara King, an Emerita Professor of Anthropology at the College of William and Mary, about the ethics of cat ownership.

Athens-based band, Drive-by Truckers was co-founded by friends Patterson Hood and Mike Cooley in 1996. We revisit an interview with Patterson Hood about the band’s latest album, “American Band,” before Drive-by Truckers play this Friday, Sept. 29, at Atlanta’s Variety Playhouse.

A World Traveling Cat To Connect Us

Jul 7, 2017

Sucheta Rawal is a children’s book author on a mission. She created Beato, a world traveling cat, who’s part of a broader plan to raise cultural awareness in both kids and adults.  Her latest book is “Beato Goes to Indonesia,” which just hit the shelves. The author joins us in the studio.

Kitten Season Stretches Shelters' Limits

May 24, 2017
Katie Atkinson / GPB News

If you love kittens, this is your time of year. It’s kitten season, when cats are having babies. But Dawn Dress knows what it means to have too much of a cute thing.


“It means instant overload to animal shelters, to animal control, to means an enormous influx of kittens,” Dress said.


Dress said that makes what she does pretty hard. She runs Kitty City Cat Rescue, a cage-free shelter that pulls at-risk cats from kill shelters.

Pet ownership is at an all-time high in the United States with more than 71 million households owning at least one critter. And while dogs remain the most popular pet in the nation, cats are not far behind. We asked producer Sean Powers to look into the debate over indoor versus outdoor cats. Guest host Adam Ragusea introduces Sean’s research into this controversy and talked with Barbara King, who writes about animal behavior for NPR.




Two weeks. That’s all we have to go until Election Day. All eyes are focused on the battle for the presidency, but you need to look further down the ballot to find the races that most affect you.   Bill Nigut, host of GPB’s “Political Rewind” and “Two Way Street,” stops by to talk about down-ballot races and what to expect in Georgia on November 8th.

Sean Powers / On Second Thought

A new book has fueled the indoor-outdoor cat debate by calling for the removal of all outdoor cats by any means necessary. The authors say feral and outdoor domestic cats are a threat to wildlife.