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The Breakroom returns with a week’s worth of crazy news to discuss. We’ll talk about why Democrats are meeting in Atlanta to elect a leader, and what it was about Milo Yiannopoulos’ recent controversy that tipped conservatives over the edge. Plus, we’ll look at research which show dogs have their own sense of morality, and another study which finds people who move around a lot lose out on friendships.

Our group this week includes:

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Since we did our show live from Savannah for the Savannah Book Festival, we organized a special edition of The Breakroom featuring all authors. The panel included Alejandro Danois, Karin Slaughter, Nicki Salcedo, and Mike Lowery.

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The Breakroom gang is back, and we’ve got a lot to talk about. We’ll discuss whether Super Bowl performances by Lady Gaga and The Schuyler Sisters need really be controversial. Plus, we’ll look at why the online dictionary is going viral, and how social media sites are stepping up to combat fake news. 

The Breakroom for today is:

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The Breakroom gang joins host Celeste Headlee to weigh in on the week's news. The panel includes Georgia State University professor Eric Segall, writer and blogger Jessica SzilagyiNatalie Pawelski of Cater Communications, and Emory University professor Falguni Sheth.


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The Breakroom gang joins host Celeste Headlee to weigh in on the week's news. The panel includes former NPR correspondent Kathy Lohr, Georgia State University professor Hector Fernandez, Soumaya Khalifa ​of the Islamic Speakers Bureau of Atlanta, and Natalie Pawelski of of Cater Communications.


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The Breakroom gang joins host Celeste Headlee to weigh in on the week's news. The panel includes Tomika Depriest (Marketing and Communications Strategist), Sam Burnham (Blogger, All the Biscuits in Georgia), Ed Sohn (Global Director, Legal Managed Services, Thomson Reuters), and Roxanne Donovan (Psychology Professor, Kennesaw State University).



One of the final acts by the Obama administration deals with corporal punishment in schools. In a recent letter to governors and state school leaders, Education Secretary John King called the practice “harmful, ineffective, and often disproportionately applied to students of color and students with disabilities”  Corporal punishment is legal in 22 states, including Georgia. We talk with Georgetown University professor Rebecca Ryan, whose research shows fewer parents are spanking their kids.

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Another Friday, another chance to meet up in The Breakroom. This week, our panel looks at something we can't avoid: Donald Trump's Twitter rampages. Then, we talk more about fake news and whether Atlanta Mayor Kasim Reed should be compared to President-elect Trump. 

This week, out guests are:

  • Greg Williams, Mortgage banker and host of the conservative radio show “Greg’s List”

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Every Friday, it’s time to hang out in The Breakroom. Guest host Adam Ragusea and this week’s panel talk about whether the electoral college should be scrapped, how Facebook and Google say they’re trying to stop the spread of “fake news,” and Oxford’s word of the year: “post-truth.”


This week’s guests:

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The Breakroom gang joins host Celeste Headlee to weigh in on the week's news. The panel includes Georgia Department of Transportation spokeswoman Natalie Dale, music blogger Jordan Stepp, Korean Daily reporter HB Cho, and conservative radio talk show host Greg Williams



It’s Friday! That means it’s time for our Breakroom gang to assemble and talk about the week’s news! We’ll talk about deaths of beloved TV characters, a new trend in Halloween costumes for young girls, and Shaq’s new business venture in Atlanta. 

Then, we talk about Eric Trump’s free-water cup scandal, Wonder Woman as a United Nations ambassador for women, and which Halloween candy is #1 in Georgia. 

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The Breakroom gang joined host Celeste Headlee to weigh in on the week's news. The panel included LGBT educator and activist Robbie Medwed, Kennesaw State University professor Roxanne Donovan, former NPR correspondent Kathy Lohr, and conservative radio talk show host Greg Williams



The Breakroom gang celebrates #HappyFriday with a look at the week’s biggest stories including an app that finds lunch companions, a surprise wedding, and busting big banks.

Then, we talk about creepy clowns, the debut of the Netflix series “Luke Cage,” and a Harry Potter move marathon in IMAX.

Music Midtown returns this weekend for its sixth year at Piedmont Park in Atlanta. The two-day festival has changed a lot since it was founded in 1994 by veteran music promoters, Alex Cooley and Peter Conlon. This year’s lineup features a noticeably younger cast of artists, including DeadMau5, Kesha, and Atlanta-born soul singer Leon Bridges. We speak with Music Midtown co-founder Peter Conlon, who also serves as president of Live Nation Atlanta (which produces the festival), about the future direction of the festival.


It's Friday! Our Breakroom gang returns to discuss the week’s news, including the new iPhone, minority-majority in Norcross, and self-diagnosing yourself on WebMD.

Then, we discuss the death of facts in America, literacy as a constitutional right, and making music a requirement in schools. 

This week, our Breakroom gang is:

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The Breakroom gang joins host Celeste Headlee to weigh in on the week's news. The panel includes Kennesaw State University professor Roxanne Donovan, Connect Savannah community editor Jessica Leigh Lebos, former NPR correspondent Kathy Lohr, and Jeff Breedlove, the communications director for DeKalb County commissioner Nancy Jester.

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It's Friday, time for our Breakroom gang to come together to talk about the past week’s news, including a controversial gold-winning dive and if we should get rid of public comments. Also, whether the “tiny house” movement is an example of “poverty appropriation” and why millennials can’t seem to take a break from work.

This week’s panel:


It’s Friday! That means it’s time for the Breakroom to reconvene and talk about the week’s news. Our round-table panel discusses the effect of horrible bosses, baseball game traffic and eliminating all student loan debt.    

Then, our panel talks about the end of "The Nightly Show with Larry Wilmore," cyber-bullying a gold medalist, and sexism in the courtroom.      

Our Breakroom this week:

The Breakroom gang joins host Celeste Headlee to weigh in on the week's news. The panel includes Democratic Strategist Howard Franklin, former NPR correspondent Kathy Lohr, Georgia State University professor Hector Fernandez, and blogger Jessica Szilagyi.

A legal battle over debt has left a cargo ship and its crew stranded off the coast of Tybee Island for nearly four months. U.S. marshals seized the ship when its owners foreclosed on the loan, and the crew was forced to wait out until the legal dispute was settled. The ship was sold this past week, which means the crew is one step closer to going home. We speak with attorney Todd Baiad, who represents the lenders, about the sale of the chip and what happens next to the crew.

The Breakroom gang returns to talk about Satanic Temple members planning to start an after-school program at a Cobb County elementary school, a televangelist who bought Tyler Perry’s $17.5 million Buckhead mansion, and Donald Trump’s latest war of words, this time with the Muslim parents of a U.S. Army captain killed in Iraq.

Joining us for The Breakroom: 

The Breakroom gang joins host Celeste Headlee to weigh in on the week's news, including the end of VCRs, upskirting, and gator hunting in Georgia. 

Joining us for The Breakroom: 

Atlanta singer Mike Geier is the creative force behind Puddles the Clown. He describes Puddles as a sad clown with the golden voice. Puddles doesn’t speak, but his baritone voice can fill a room when he sings.  He covers everything from Lorde's "Royals" to Abba’s “Dancing Queen.” Ahead of Geier’s performance this weekend in Atlanta as Puddles, we talk with him about putting on the clown makeup and what inspires him.

It's Friday! That means it's time to head into The Breakroom. We discuss Pokémon Go, betting on celebrity breakups, and a highway sponsored by the KKK. 

Then, we continue our roundtable discussion with some of Georgia’s smartest folks. We talk about the older generation paying for music, what foods are actually healthy, and the diversity of new comic book heroes. 

This week's Breakroom is:

Taylor Gantt

The Breakroom gang is back to talk about another week of news from across the globe. Host Celeste Headlee leads the panel as they discuss the social implications of brunch, Microsoft’s support of the marijuana industry, and New York’s most popular unofficial sperm donor. 

Then, we continue our Breakroom panel with a host of topics from this week’s news including new technology that helps restrict cell phone use at concerts, giving away "Hamilton" tickets, and the Atlanta house known as "Mr. Chocolate." 

Joining us in the Breakroom are:

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It’s Friday, the day our Breakroom panel comes together to discuss the week’s news, including food fads, Amazon food delivery, and the love/hate relationship with open office plans. 

Joining us for The Breakroom: 

Taylor Gantt

Friday means our Breakroom will be getting back together to discuss a week full of interesting headlines. We talk about Snoop Dogg's disapproval of the “Roots” remake, Taylor Swift as an “Aryan idol” and what the fuss is about the forthcoming all-female “Ghostbusters” movie. 

Then, the  Breakroom gang gives their thoughts on more news from the past week, including Big Boi's issues with modern-day mothers, a new device that lets you lick your cat, and who's to blame for the death of Harambe the gorilla. 

Joining the Breakroom this week :

The Breakroom gang joins guest host Adam Ragusea to weigh in on the week's news.

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The Breakroom comes together to discuss the week’s news, including tuition for sports and whether the viewing habits of our politicians matter.

Joining us for The Breakroom:

  • Greg Williams, host of the conservative radio show "Greg’s List"
  • Bee Nguyen, Executive Director of Athena’s Warehouse
  • Roxanne Donovan, Associate Professor of Psychology and Interdisciplinary Studies at Kennesaw State University
  • Chuck Reece, Editor of the Bitter Southerner 

The Breakroom assembles to discuss the week’s news, including headlines about terrorist math problems, reverse suspension in school, and if a Texas high school football team needs a quarter billion dollar stadium. 

We also chat about the chronic lateness of singer Lauryn Hill, head injuries in the sport of cheerleading, and the punishment in France for taking risqué baby pictures. 

Our Breakroom this week is: