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Brunch is a time where you can eat breakfast or lunch, get something sweet or savory, and after a certain time – an alcoholic beverage.


Atlanta has quite the brunch scene, so I decided to drop by a busy Midtown restaurant one Sunday morning and dig into the culture of brunch.





It’s nearly 1:30 PM, and Lindsay Grubbs is thankful for two things – her friends, and the cocktail in front of her.

At Kennesaw State University, the Center for Young Adult Addiction Recovery helps students navigate college life while recovering from drug and alcohol abuse.


Kyra, Gabriel, Morgan, James and Harrison share their struggles and successes with sobriety in college. We are not revealing their last names because several asked to use first names only, so we made the choice to do that for all of the students we interviewed.  


Health & Alcohol: The Facts

Mar 9, 2018
Centers for Disease Control

Harmful use of alcohol is a major public health problem in the United States, and Georgia is no exception.

The Underappreciated Morning Cocktail – The Mimosa

Mar 9, 2018
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The mimosa is an uncomplicated cocktail, equal parts fresh-squeezed orange juice and dry, sparkling wine or champagne. While no mixing or serious bartending skill is involved in its creation, the mimosa is recognized as an official cocktail by the International Bartenders Association. The drink’s simple yet courtly qualities lend themselves well to morning consumption--acting as a sort of mood-lifting, waking concoction full of fizz and bright, citrusy acid with a natural sugary undertone. It’s almost as if you’re sipping the sunrise.  

Goshen Brewing Company

Starting Friday, Sept. 1, Georgians won’t need to take a tour to sample alcohol at their favorite brewery. They’ll also be able to take some home with them.

The new law, SB 85, breaks the strict alcohol system put into place after Prohibition.

Attorney Charlie Suessmith explains why Georgia has so tightly regulated alcohol for nearly a century. 

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A new AAA survey* shows 1 in 3 drivers admit to driving multiple times in the past year after consuming alcohol. 

After 28 years on Atlanta television, former news anchor Amanda Davis lost her career after three DUI arrests.


She says she's sober now, and she recently joined Rickey Bevington in the studio to talk publicly about her alcoholism. 


Interview Highlights

Although the average American life expectancy continues to improve, one demographic group has been dealing with substantial problems over the past few decades. Research from Princeton University discovered that older white Americans from ages 45-54 are experiencing sharp increases in health failure, poisoning from drugs and alcohol, and suicide.