2020 Elections

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Friday on Political Rewind, a look at recent violence in Atlanta and the political backlash. The unrest is featuring already in the politics of the day.

How will these events play out in the months leading up to November?

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Wednesday on Political Rewind, a busy week of Georgia politics.

Following a weekend of violence in Atlanta, Republicans have criticized Mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms.

Professor of political science at Emory University Andra Gillespie said the situation is being used as political fodder.

"We will wait and see how much of this is about peformance and how much is about public safety," she said.

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Tuesday on Political Rewind education experts joined guest host Donna Lowry for a conversation about the uncertainty over the coming school year. Many families are wondering what schooling will look like in just a few months.

Under a cloud of the pandemic, school systems are asking parents to decide whether to send their children back to classrooms or continue online learning.

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Thursday on Political Rewind, as public health officials battle the ongoing public health crisis caused by the coronavirus pandemic, we look back at previous efforts to contain outbreaks.

Join us for a conversation with former epidemiologist Bill Foege, where we discuss the central role the physician played in successfully tackling one of the most devastating viruses in history: smallpox.

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Wednesday on Political Rewind, a discussion with On The Media host Brooke Gladstone and The Atlanta Journal-Constitution's editor Kevin Riley about the responsibilities of journalism in today’s challenging environment.

How should journalists cover the hyperbolic statements, half-truths and bad-faith arguments that have become common place in our national discourse?

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Tuesday on Political Rewind, new data shows increasing rates of COVID-19 infection in Georgia and across the country. And new polling shows Americans are concerned about the leadership tasked with handling this public health crisis. 

How will public opinion continue to shift through the pandemic in the lead up to important federal and state elections in just a few month?

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Today on Political Rewind, host Bill Nigut spoke with GPB News' Stephen Fowler, The Atlanta Journal-Constitution's Tia Mitchell and Adam Van Brimmer of the Savannah Morning News.

The phrase ‘Sine Die’ will echo through the halls of the state Capitol soon as the legislature ends the 2020 session. It is the last chance for action on several pieces of legislation, including bills governing tax breaks and elections. 

Liz Fabian

The Macon-Bibb County Board of Elections will be appealing to the county for more money as they head into an August runoff and what could be a very challenging presidential election.

Not only is the board trying to resolve issues that led to delays in some precincts opening June 9 and in tabulating results, but now they are struggling to pay bills.

“We requested over a million dollars and we got $950,000,” board chairman Mike Kaplan said during Tuesday evening’s board meeting.


Wednesday on Political Rewind, rapid developments in legislation as state lawmakers work through the last week of the legislative session.

Among the stories from the state Capitol, Gov. Brian Kemp is proposing reduced budget cuts to education and hate crimes legislation is on the verge of becoming reality.



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Tuesday on Political Rewind, the latest on Georgia hate-crimes legislation. After long discussions, could the state legislature finally enact law on this issue?

We took a look at the latest debate in the state Capitol with the ACLU's Andrea Young and our panel of political insiders.

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Wednesday on Political Rewind, the latest news on an important week in Georgia politics. With state legislators back in action after a months-long hiatus, what kind of legislation will get attention at the Capitol?

With not much time left in the session, where is the legislature focused?

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Monday on Political Rewind, more pain last weekend as protests broke out across Georgia following the death of 27- year-old Rayshard Brooks at the hands of police. 

Our panel discussed the latest conversations surrounding police brutality and systemic racism as national attention returned to Atlanta in wake of the fatal police shooting.

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Friday on Political Rewind, the state legislature returns Monday to finish up the session. How is recent news likely to shift business down at the Capitol building?

And, the fallout from Tuesday's chaotic primary election continues with county and state officials pointing fingers at what they say was at issue.

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Thursday on Political Rewind, unemployment remains a serious issue across the country and the state of Georgia.

We discussed the uncertain future for workers with Commissioner of Labor Mark Butler.

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This Wednesday afternoon on Political Rewind, we're joined by House Speaker David Ralston to discuss Tuesday's chaotic primary in Georgia.

We also discussed the latest results from that election, and the status of hate crime legislation following new attention to the subject.

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Tuesday on Political Rewind, the primary election twice postponed is finally here.

Voters head to vote in-person at polling locations across the state for a range of county, state and federal offices.

We discussed the latest news with our panel of political insiders.

Breaking Down The 1.1 Million Votes Already Cast In Georgia’s June 9 Primary

Jun 5, 2020
"I'm a Georgia Voter" sticker
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More than 1.1 million Georgians have already participated in the June 9 primary, driven in part by a record-setting surge in votes by mail due to the coronavirus.

As of Thursday, June 4, more than 561,000 people had voted in the Republican general primary, 528,000 in the Democratic primary and 20,000 returned a nonpartisan ballot.

About three-quarters of the ballots received so far have been submitted by mail – more than 20 times the 37,000 absentee ballots mailed in the 2016 general primary.

Shyann Swanson

Friday on Political Rewind, a big day in Georgia political news. Early voting for the state’s June 9 primary ends today.

Officials predict long lines could lead to hours long waits at polling places next Tuesday.

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Thursday on Political Rewind, a conversation with a police chief who says police departments need a culture change that values human life.

Today, we were joined by LaGrange Police Chief Louis Dekmar.

More Voters, Fewer Polls Means Long Lines Likely For Georgia Primary

Jun 3, 2020
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Georgians planning to vote in person next week for the June 9 primary could face long wait times – and not just because of the coronavirus. 

A surge in the state’s voter rolls over the past decade, combined with poll closures or consolidations due to the removal of federal oversight of polling changes is now exacerbated by last-minute poll closures, relocations and social distancing measures.

According to a February report from the secretary of state’s office, 2,377 polling places were slated to open across Georgia for the presidential primary in March. 

Alex Morrison

Wednesday on Political Rewind, the primary in Georgia is less than a week away. Where do we stand going into the June 9 election following widespread unrest over systemic racism?

Our panel of political insiders weighed in.

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Tuesday on Political Rewind, demonstrations continue in Atlanta and across Georgia as protesters voiced opposition and anguish over the death of George Floyd and patterns of police violence against black communities.

We discussed the response from local officials and what comes next with our panel.

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Monday on Political Rewind, demonstrations across Georgia against police violence drew huge crowds this weekend. So, what’s next for our communities, our elected officials and our public policy?

We asked our panel of political insiders, elected leaders and journalists.

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Friday on Political Rewind, we discuss the latest news as national protests respond to the deaths of Ahmaud Arbery and, more recently, George Floyd.

And, developments in Gov. Brian Kemp's social distancing guidelines.

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Election officials in Georgia’s most populous county say they’ve cleared a backlog of absentee ballot applications.

Fulton County is up to date on its processing of absentee ballot applications received by mail, email and fax, elections director Rick Barron said during a video news conference Wednesday.

Barron said voters who have sent in an application and don’t see an absentee ballot issue date when they type their personal information into the My Voter Page of the secretary of state’s website should contact the county Department of Registration and Elections.

Wednesday on Political Rewind, we are joined by the Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger to discuss the unfolding primary in Georgia. How have social distancing guidelines and looming state budget cuts changed the way the officials are managing the elections? 

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Tuesday on Political Rewind, we’re back from a long Memorial Day weekend.

We discussed the latest on the public health guidance in response to COVID-19 and the ongoing race between Sen. Kelly Loeffler and Rep. Doug Collins.

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Friday on Political Rewind, President Donald Trump is threatening to deny federal funds to the state of Michigan because of the promotion of absentee ballots in 2020’s elections.

The president, as well as many Republicans in the state of Georgia, say voting by mail is too vulnerable to fraud.

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Wednesday on Political Rewind, critics said Gov. Brian Kemp took a big risk in beginning to open the state’s economy earlier than was safe. As the lessening of restrictions has begun, is his decision paying-off? Or could it simply be too early to tell?

We took a look at the impact of the governor’s decision with our panel of political insiders.

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Tuesday on Political Rewind, politics does not stop in the midst of a nationwide pandemic response. Early voting started this week in the statewide June 9 primary.

Crowded races for Georgia’s congressional seats are drawing nationwide attention as Democrats and Republicans size up their chances in 2020’s elections.

We discussed the latest with our panel of Georgia political insiders.