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Sam Bermas-Dawes / GPB News

Thursday on Political Rewind, journalists and researchers are trying to determine how the public health policy of state officials is impacting the spread of COVID-19 in Georgia.

Two top public health experts joined us to discuss the latest developments of coronavirus and the state’s response.

What are public health professionals thinking about the virus at this stage of the pandemic?

Wednesday on Political Rewind, we are joined by the Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger to discuss the unfolding primary in Georgia. How have social distancing guidelines and looming state budget cuts changed the way the officials are managing the elections? 

Ron Harris / AP

Tuesday on Political Rewind, we’re back from a long Memorial Day weekend.

We discussed the latest on the public health guidance in response to COVID-19 and the ongoing race between Sen. Kelly Loeffler and Rep. Doug Collins.

John Bazemore / AP

Friday on Political Rewind, President Donald Trump is threatening to deny federal funds to the state of Michigan because of the promotion of absentee ballots in 2020’s elections.

The president, as well as many Republicans in the state of Georgia, say voting by mail is too vulnerable to fraud.

Sam Bermas-Dawes / GPB News

Thursday on Political Rewind, how do we grieve a loved one in the isolation brought on by the pandemic? 

Today, a personal story of dealing with loss in these times.

Sam Bermas-Dawes / GPB News

Wednesday on Political Rewind, critics said Gov. Brian Kemp took a big risk in beginning to open the state’s economy earlier than was safe. As the lessening of restrictions has begun, is his decision paying-off? Or could it simply be too early to tell?

We took a look at the impact of the governor’s decision with our panel of political insiders.

Ron Harris / AP

Tuesday on Political Rewind, politics does not stop in the midst of a nationwide pandemic response. Early voting started this week in the statewide June 9 primary.

Crowded races for Georgia’s congressional seats are drawing nationwide attention as Democrats and Republicans size up their chances in 2020’s elections.

We discussed the latest with our panel of Georgia political insiders.

Brynn Anderson / AP

Monday on Political Rewind, in-person early voting begins but there will be fewer polling places open than usual. Measures are being taken at many locations to keep both voters, and poll workers, safe.

But will it be enough to make voters feel safe enough to participate? 

Ron Harris / AP

Friday on Political Rewind, national attention turned to Georgia this month as video of the February shooting death of Ahmaud Arbery went viral, drawing widespread anger.

Georgia Attorney General Chris Carr has now requested state and federal investigation into the handling of the case. He joins us on today’s show to discuss the latest.

Sam Bermas-Dawes / GPB News

Thursday on Political Rewind, we look at how the virus is disrupting education for Georgia students. Administrators face a big decision as the fall semester approaches; do they prepare for in-person classes that will likely require social distancing measures or adopt another round of remote learning?

But, what do students lose when they cannot meet for classes in-person? 

Shyann Swanson

Wednesday on Political Rewind, could the tragic story of Ahmaud Arbery spur action on the part of Georgia’s elected officials?

And now that a new district attorney is at the helm, the case’s fourth, what can we expect as proceedings continue?

We spoke to attorney Chris Stewart, one of the lawyers representing the Arbery family and Georgia Public Broadcasting reporter Emily Jones.

Sam Bermas-Dawes / GPB News

Tuesday on Political Rewind, there are many uncertainties as the pandemic continues. One eventuality is certain, however; the state budget will be hit hard.

The cost of the response, in addition to decreased tax revenue from the lockdown, could sprain an already strained bottom line for the state government. What is the plan for officials? 

We discussed the budget today with Terry England (R-Auburn), Chairman of the House Appropriations Committee.

Tony Gutierrez / AP

Monday on Political Rewind, developments in the case of Ahmaud Arbery over the weekend. State Attorney General Chris Carr formally requested the Department of Justice investigate the handling of the Arbery case.

We discussed the latest with former Attorney General Sam Olens and DeKalbCounty CEO Michael Thurmond.

Shyann Swanson

Friday on Political Rewind, a brief look at the two-month timeline that led up to murder charges this week in the case of Ahmaud Arbery. New developments draw into question decision-making at the local level.

Sam Bermas-Dawes / GPB News

Thursday on Political Rewind, a metric that gives fresh perspective on how to view Gov. Brian Kemp’s decision to reopen the state: the number of new people infected by each person infected by COVID-19. 

That number went down during shelter-in-place orders in Georgia.

How do the experts expect this rate to change now that restrictions have been partially lifted?

John Bazemore / AP

Wednesday on Political Rewind, the coronavirus pandemic is complicating an already arduous budget in Georgia.

The continuing cost of the state response, in addition to a loss of revenue and economic activity, has led Gov. Brian Kemp to last week call for significant cuts to all state agencies. 

Sam Bermas-Dawes / GPB News

Tuesday on Political Rewind, though the next meeting of the state legislature is still a topic of debate, the main topic representatives will be discussing is almost certain; the budget.

Gov. Brian Kemp and legislative leaders told state agencies last week to plan on a 14% cut in their budgets. And politics does not stop amidst pandemic.

Grant Blankenship / GPB News

Monday on Political Rewind, the challenges of holding elections amidst a public health crisis. We spoke to the current and former secretaries of state who joined us to talk about managing this year's elections amid the dangers of coronavirus.


Brad Raffensperger - Georgia Secretary of State

Cathy Cox - Former Georgia Secretary of State, former candidate for governor, current Dean of the Walter F. Georgia School of Law at Mercer University

Sam Bermas-Dawes / AP

Friday on Political Rewind, Gov. Brian Kemp lifts a shelter-in-place order for many Georgians across the state. His press secretary joins us to discuss the decision.

What will the political fallout look like for officials across the country as multiple states begin easing restrictions?

Grant Blankenship / GPB News

Thursday on Political Rewind, food banks are struggling to feed the hungry as the pandemic continues.

As food networks are disrupted, farmers, grocers and food banks collaborate in an effort to improve access. We talk to some of the leading food banks in Georgia to see how they are meeting the crisis.

Sam Bermas-Dawes

Wednesday on Political Rewind, our guest discusses the mental toll of COVID-19.

We're joined by Dr. Raymond Kotwicki, the chief medical officer at Skyland Trail, one of the premiere nonprofit mental health treatment centers in the Southeast.

Sam Bermas-Dawes / GPB News

Tuesday on Political Rewind, small businesses weather the storm during the coronavirus crisis. How are Georgia’s stores, bars, restaurants, cinemas and bookstores handling the current situation?

Sam Bermas-Dawes

Monday on Political Rewind, we discussed the upcoming 2020 elections, and how campaigns are handling the shelter-in-place conditions found across the state and the country.

Nearly 830,000 people have applied for absentee ballots for the 2020 combined primary so far. That represents a huge increase in applications over 2016’s primary, and reflects efforts by officials and the public to avoid the spread of coronavirus from in-person voting.

Ron Harris / AP

Friday on Political Rewind, mayors from across the state discuss how they are handling the coronavirus pandemic.

How are municipal leaders responding to Gov. Brian Kemp’s latest move and how do they think their constituency will respond?

Ron Harris / AP

Thursday on Political Rewind, the governor says his decision to reopen the state is driven by data.

What will be the consequences of Georgians going out and attempting to resume life as normal? We’ll ask two public health experts for their opinions.

Sam Bermas-Dawes

Wednesday on Political Rewind, the political consequences of the pandemic. The governor’s recent decision to slowly re-open businesses in Georgia has drawn criticism and national attention.

How will voters respond to the public health efforts of elected officials at all levels of governments in this crucial election year?

Sam Bermas-Dawes

Tuesday on Political Rewind, Gov. Brian Kemp announced gyms, salons, bowling alleys and other specific indoor facilities will be able to reopen by Friday, with restaurants and theaters able to reopen next week.

These businesses must comply with social distancing and other safety requirements. 

The move has drawn sharp criticism from elected leaders and commentators who say the move comes too soon and is not backed by enough data.

David Goldman / AP

Today on Political Rewind, Georgia agriculture takes a hit from the coronavirus. Farmers face concerns over exposure to the virus and uncertain retailers cutting demand.

We heard from Agriculture Commissioner Gary Black on how the ongoing public health crisis is affecting the state’s farming businesses.

Sakchai Lalit / AP

Friday on Political Rewind, the primary has been postponed to June 9 so officials can protect poll workers and voters during the coronavirus pandemic. But political campaigns for state and congressional positions on the ballot have not stopped.

So how are candidates campaigning under these challenging circumstances?

Sam Bermas-Dawes

Thursday on Political Rewind, the ongoing public health crisis has given doctors, public officials and many Georgians a series of challenging decisions as society grapples with an unprecedented situation.

On our show today, we discuss how somber decisions regarding public health such as who gets ventilators or an ICU bed, or how vaccines are tested are made.